Jacks bloom boost

Brother Found this in his shed
Says 1993 i think still a powder not clumped
Not sure if i should run it
Koot med has changed his bloom boost feed to jacks bloom boost
But thats new and is 10-30-20

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My opinion - Jack’s is a whole fertilizer and contains everything your plant needs. Adding bloom boosters usually results in a salt buildup and will present challenges managing pH. It’s just not worth it.

Bloom boosters are unnecessary. All bloom boosters are is a stronger solution of P and K that is already in Jack’s Part A. If you want the effect of “bloom boosters,” just feed more Part A. You will be introducing less salts into your grow medium doing this and will still achieve the desired effect.


Yeah cause you cannot argue with success
Bloom booster at week 4 through 7


Cant get that with more part a

And part b is 15-0-0
So guess im confused

My ph is always 5.8 going in
And stable


Part B is nitrogen and calcium and Part A is potassium, phosphorous plus the other micronutrients (iron, copper, boron,…) Epsom is necessary for magnesium.

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Growing in coco?

I use Jack’s, but will incorporate the FF dry boosters at half strength, every other feeding, in coco. In soil, I like to just increase Part A, because of salts and less frequesnt feedings. First couple weeks of flower I’ll go up to 4g/gal, then next 3-4wks I’ll go to 4.2, then back down to 4. I’ve also been fazing out the Epsom since Part A has magnesium in it.

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I had issues last grow going into flower, low phosphorus. I contacted Jack’s and was recommended the bloom booster for 1-2 weeks when transitioning to flower then switch back to regular feeding.

Nitrogen breaks down into ammonia over time may burn :fire: the plant. I wouldn’t use it based on its age.

JR Peters has been around since the 40’s.