Ive been in the lab. Now im out spent alot of time studing

So ive been putting together a hydroponic system. This is a flood to waste system now i have at least a 4 plant 4 lb system. Here are some pics im about to do a vlog on my grow. In a 5×5 grow area

ill post the whole set up and explane what ive done. 4 months in the making and done.


Hey, they are looking really great !!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Great setup!! Love the light mover, will be acquiring one here shortly. Quick question though, is it more rigid than it looks??
Looks kinda flimsy, but I guess with the unistrut design it is plenty rigid for holding a 40lbs hood

Its great. This kind isnt made anymore. But i wont go with out one

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@Soilgrowth thanks for making a journal, because I want to learn from your setup. It looks fantastic :+1: I wish you the best harvest