This is my creation water to waste hydrponic set up dates #3

K alot to say but 1st. This my second attempt at hydrponic. I didn’t like what was out there after a year and a half of studying so much to say about whats going on here easier to just answer questions. Or speak out if you see something i can do better what do you think ?


@Soilgrowth your name shouldn’t be soilgrowth anymore! Only because that is a high tech Holy hydro setup bud! :exploding_head:my mind is blown.


@Soilgrowth I think @AmnesiaHaze is right. I would love to have you explain a little it about your set up, it looks great. I’m a soil grower myself, but I really want to try hydro. (Of some form)


Yes please, I agree @Covertgrower @Soilgrowth your hydroponic setup should be shared if you could with us. It would mean the world :earth_americas: to us. Plus I’d love to dip my sponge brain into the knowledge of hydroponics :wink: I love learning new things


@AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower well there alot going on here 1st there 2 companies that had a major role in this. So 1st my feed and drain system is just a 17 gallon res. But the top hat by floraflex is hands down a must. Keeps light of my coco and perlite mix . which is 30 to 70 mix. And what i think is the best things a pro brought to my attention. The wonderful Drain Away Trays. With drain hook up. Drains right in my back yard drain. With the floraflex octabubbler. I feed 2 times a day. Once 15 min before lights on and the second 15 min before lights out. I have a mykos culture growing in my res. Like a brew or a tea. So any questions and 4 gallon fabric pots.


Very nice @soilgrowth I’ll have to look into those. Thank you for sharing. I really want to try hydro, or a form of it, but maybe just a couple out of my next grow.

Oh I see so this is a form of a hybrid type setup, it is a soil medium but used a top feed style hydro setup for your nutrient feeding/watering? @Soilgrowth that’s pretty cool.

Something to consider, maybe when the solution/water drains to your back yard, you could possibly catch run off to check run off PH! A good idea to consider :wink:

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No its a hydro set up no soil.

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I have a port in my drain pipe to collect ph run off but no need to its feed 2 times a day constant flush. At 1200 ppm now

Oh you said something about your “top hats” keeps light off your coco and pearlite mix @Soilgrowth

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coco is not soil @AmnesiaHaze, no nutes in it whatsoever.

Great set up @Soilgrowth, very interesting!!

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Well physically l it is, but when your feeding nutrients, it drains very very quickly like hydroton so it is considered a hydro medium I get it. But it’s still a form of a medium.

And it’s coconut bark, it is porous and absorbed nutrients after first feeding, so technically yes lol it’s a form of soil, just not dirt… :+1::+1:

Growing three inches in volume in 1 day


55×50 scrog. Its almost done


Its amazing how fas these plants are growing.

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Tirmming this one plant before 12 21 the transition. All the oldest leaves go. Watch her explode.

there growing like crazy


@Soilgrowth so you only watered twice a day? Forgive me for reviving this thread but I am seriously liking your water to waste system. Were you using a water pump or were you doing an elevated water source and gravity feed the water through your system? If you were using a pump you probably were using a timer set up. How long did you run the pump or watering for each time and how often did you change the water if not used? I saw that you ran the drain system directly out but also had a collection process. Again please forgive me for reviving this thread.

How are you doing. This is a great system set up.i had two water pumps one pumping to feed the plants and one to always keep water stirring up the nutes. And it was on a time but it was reciculating timer. I feed two times a day and i feed for about a min and a half 10 mins before lights on at 6 am and i feed for 2 min at 12 noon. When i was in full bud. I feed like 3 time a day like 2 mins at a time.

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Awesome information. Thanks for the reply. I am a new grower and doing a soil grow. Based upon my current rate of consumption of pot I probably will do a single plant a year and I was really liking your set up. I am doing okay so far but this is still early and all. I don’t know anything more than that so far. I am a bit nervous but hell it is a weed after all. I am growing a Durban Poison and Maui Wowie from seeds I bought from ILGM. I might have not had the right soil from the start but it is what I have now so I am dealing with it. I just think my plants could be a bit bigger at this point.

So I get this straight. You had one pump feeding and the other acting as a waterfall in your reservoir to keep oxygenizing the water? The length of time sounds logical and in flower as well to give them more. The process makes a lot of sense. You would make up enough water for a week with all the nutes and clean up going right outside. I don’t know if I can make the drain go outside but I am sure I can collect it and get rid of it manually.

Thanks for the reply back.

Yes on making water for nutes once a week. I had 3 big air stones plus two pumps. The second pump made it so none of the nutes settled on the bottom.

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