Its really sad i didnt start sooner

Ya know, ive been medicating for over 30 years… ive smoked pot from dispensaries in Cali, Colorado, Illinois, ect… i thought that it couldnt get any better… then i grew , harvested, and am now drying my first 3 plants of G13 Auto… i tested it after 5 days, and i asked myself… Self? Why in the hell did i not start growing sooner? Me: I dunno, but this is the first 1 hitter quitter ive ever had in my life…


I have had the same experience. Homegrown kicks the dispo’s ass so hard I feel like they have been ripping me off!


She looks great!



So happy for you!

You are a grower now! Never look back.


Doing the happy dance


I wish I would have got serous when we first went legal! Family and friends are saving Ks at the dispos. Some say mine rivals top shelf.



Our state became legal to grow on July 1, 2021.

I WANTED to grow then, but it took me until the end of August to get seeds. Times had changed since I was young when every dime bag you had had seeds. I was striking out with everyone I knew.

ILGM was recommended and so I took a leap if faith and bought seeds.

Grew 4 plants in a tent and the first harvest was the week before Thanksgiving and have never looked back.

Best thing ever I could have done for myself.


Beautiful bud! Definitely give yourself a pat on the back! And the best part… your grows will get better!!! It’s therapeutic, fun, and after your first grow or two, becomes much cheaper! We used to spend $100 a week with old dude. Now, just a $10-15 jump on light bill. Last photperiod grow cost about $50 seeds, soil, nutes, electricity, and ended up with over half a pound of fantastic smoke. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Very true about the value in the investment. I have a few grand invested as far as climate controlled for growing and then for drying/curing…BUT im in it for the long haul. Its definately therapeutic. Not only the growing, but reaping what you sew! ( Litterally ) im already having fun with it. Have my forst 2 photos in flower now. Flipped those as soon as i harvested the autos… the good news is, i get to control everything thay goes into my grow. I dont have to rely on anybody else but myself for Mother Earths medication. It will pay for itself in 3 months. Weve already got 12 clones between the two of us :rofl::rofl:


That’s a great smoke me report Growmie! Nothing like some quality top shelf home grown! :love_you_gesture: