Its just one plant having yellow

Using the MG nute already added soil , indoor c/a , bout 78 - 80 deg. Northern lights fem. They are 8-10 weeks old and just started the 12/12, 3 days ago … 600 watt HPS light. PH is about 6.1 …About 6 days ago I added a 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of the MG all purpose plant food … 15-30-15 … It says a weak amount is 1 teaspoon. per gallon , so I thought I would be safe … Only 1 of 4 plants has a small amount of yellow on the tips of the leaves. I heard it was nute burn , but only on 1 ???


Looks/ sounds like nute burn to me.

Yup agree with @FNG101v2
Lil nuteburn
Just water with pHed water and do not add any nutes

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Yea this can happen I had some show alot of burn and some none
Strain genetics play a roll
I would stop adding that plant food it is gonna kill em

6.1 is on the low side try for 6.5 going in the soil is built for vegetables and flowers and is preloaded with slow release fertilizer
So by adding more nutes you can easily overfeed oreven kill your plants

Same strain …They are all Northern Lights I bought from ILGM … Im glad I just went with 1/2 tsp. From seeing others posting , mine arent as bad as theirs … No more adding nutes for the girls for another 6 weeks … When they say 3 months of nutes mixed in , I guess they really mean it !!! … Yep


Your doing good your plant looks very happy
On the next grow consider a soil with no slow release fertilizer in it

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Northern Lights is a good hardy strain they are tough and can take a lot of abuse

I was REALLY on a tight budget when I started and could only afford the MG soil … I will testify about them being hardy . ( one of the reasons I ordered them ) My little seedling almost didnt make it after trying to put her in the direct sun 1 time … I was using toothpicks to help stand it up … My lights were way under powered like maybe 10 watts. After getting a bit more money I was able to get better lights. Using 600w HPS now … And they love it !!! I held them in the veg state for about 6-7 weeks …Being my first time growing anything Im glad I went with this strain … Yep


Right on looking great

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I get ya on the budget it can be a pain in the pocket to grow good bud
You got a good set up those hps fixtures have been proven over years and they crank the plants to another level