It's been 48 hours and no sprout

I had good taproot planted in soil July 4th and misted top. Planted 5 seeds, not a one has sprouted using fox farm happy frog on top. Grrrr any ideas?

Give it a few more days growing takes patience. I have had clones take 3 weeks to start growing roots .its a wating game

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Put a clear dome over them and only mist the dome twice a day with distilled water. Wet soil will drown seedlings. Too deep in the soil will slow emergence. Temps too low will slow emergence.

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Thank you I will do that. I’ve only misted the top of soil. Thank you

They don’t just magically break surface. Think of a woman being pregnant. It takes time. :+1:


I wait a week after that I’m digging. If it ain’t thru.


Lol. Love it. Thank you.

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@doggiedeb-1956 Ya welcome…just be patient Young Grasshopper. They will grow…:+1::+1::+1:

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