It’s Mom’s basement now!

So excited to start a grow diary/journal with you guys! I’ve been growing outside the last few summers, had a friend give me some clones and I’ve had really good harvests but I’ve been limited to whatever he gives me for strains. Along with unpredictable Boston weather, bugs, neighbors, kids play dates it’s hard to keep a bunch of plants on your deck once they flower, the “we have skunks living under the deck” story doesn’t always work lol. So I decided I wanted to grow year round in the basement and that’s what I’ve been working on the last 6 weeks. It’s mom’s basement now!
I bought 3 mixed packs from ILGM, all fem photos, Baking Mix, Sweet Mix and the Blue Pack, super easy to order, did the bank routing method, no issues, think everything arrived in a week and I started germinating the day they arrived



Diggin that makeup pad germination tool! I’m gonna have to try that.


Was so excited to use these little domed seedlings trays, but they suck lol, too small, hard to get the babies out, ended up cutting them out so I wouldn’t hurt them. Definitely left them in there too long and should have transplanted a week before.


Tinfoiled a plastic tote and got a cheap flexi armed burple light from amazon while I was debating on grow tents and lights for the first 2 weeks, ran it 24/7 with the blue only, had them domed with the light almost on the dome, they grew but little did they know that mom was shopping HLG’s :grimacing:


I knew I wanted a veg tent and a flower tent and took advantage of a Memorial Day sale Happy Hydro was having and bought the Gorilla 5x5 shorty and 2 HLG 100s 4K to start, I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on the Scorpion Diablo… yet :grimacing: but with basement height being an issue I will be pulling the trigger on that bad boy soon!


So I moved a bunch of crap around in the basement and had a girlfriend come over to help me set it up (not allowing my husband in the basement cause then he’ll say he helped and smoke all my weed like last year! How can one person consume an entire Mother of Berry plant to oneself? We may never know!)
Anyway, the tent went up, light went in, freshly transplanted seedlings went in and everybody came in to see the new tent!



My garden buddies, they love pot too!:heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


So out of the 18 I counted how many germed?


I’m getting to that part of the story, promise!


5 sprouted right away and then I did another round of 2 of everything that didn’t sprout.


So I decided to germ more (3rd go), determined to get success out of the blue mix pack as only 1 blue dream sprouted on my 2nd germ run, these pics were about 36 hours apart, during a heat wave where it got to be 85° in the house, so tip for anyone having issues, keep it warm!


Bought some of the jiffy pods to start them in since I didn’t want to go thru the hassle of removing them from those seedling trays again


And 2 went straight to the solo cups as a test, well honestly their tap roots were half an inch and I was scared to break them getting into the jiffy pods, but I did want to compare how fast they grew compared to the mix I was using in the solo cups with Dynomyco.

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I want to thank the people on here that helped me address my cold basement floor (that can flood the minute we lose power) you guys were right, (I will learn how to tag you somehow!)
I scrapped the platform I was going to put the tents on and this foam board is awesome! You should have seen me sawing this thing in half with my kitchen knife lol it was like a scene out of Mommie Dearest lol, but I bought 2 pieces, cut it so I could have a 6x10 ft base, duck taped the seams and she was ready…had to break down and ask the hubs to help me just slide the gorilla onto the base and we were back in business a whole new setup was born, oh I forgot to mention I had also picked up a “like new” 3x3 tent on amazon for like $55 because the girls looked so cold and lonely in the big gorilla. The foam raised the temp in the little tent 6-8° so that was a huge improvement to this basement grow!


And that was the first night in the 3x3, June 11th I’d say they look pretty cozy


June 14th


Almost everybody got a bigger container that day, jiffy’s went to solos and the solos went to 2qts


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