GDPA with Mars Hydro SP3000 2x4 tent kit

Setup 2nd grow last night. Sticking with same strain, ILGM GDPA, Mar’s Hydro SP3000, 5gal fabric pots, FFOF with a solo cup size slug of FFHF to start the beans in. Prepped soil, set light to 22" 30% dimmer. Beans are soaking. And the wife is just as into growing as I am. Win win!!!


Sweet! I see it looks like your exhaust is running out the top of tent and through door into closet or another room. What is the other piece of duct running vertical in the back right hand corner?

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@dbrn32 I ran it for the intake. Only thing I don’t like about the tent is only bottom vents are mesh covered with velcro covers

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I suspected, i was curious about direction of airflow. Is fresh air going to top of tent, or coming from top and going into bottom?

Yes is running from inside bottom of tent to top duct hole in the side of tent. Back down to bottom of floor outside of tent.


Sounds like you have it right, awesome job!


@dbrn32 So after playing with fans. Realized my intake was not drawing fresh air properly. So had to improvise. Made a adapter out of cardboard and duct tape to go over the meshed vent on bottom of tent. Has been holding 72°F and 64% RH with exhaust running all the way down on controller. Planted the beans April 23rd at 10pm. I would expect them to pop up tomorrow.



Length of duct and bends is what I was concerned about when I asked. This looks better. You can probably run your tenps a little higher though too.

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Soo Happy Birthday I guess. Day 1… 2 of the 3 was above ground. 3rd is almost there!!! That will be 100% germation rate thus far on the ILGM Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower!!!Re-arranged tent a little. Installed clip fans, moved humidifier put saucers under the pots. Lowered light 2 inches. 35% dimmer.

So the third little lady decided to poke her head above ground today!! Tiny little gal but I’m sure she’ll catch up in no time. 7/7 germination rate so far out of a 10 pack of these ILGM Grand Daddy Purple autos. I just been soaking seeds in a glass of water for 24hrs and planting straight into 5gal containers.

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Day 6 from sprout. Little update. Watching seedlings grow is kinda like watching paint dry, lol. Watered a gallon between the gals 2 days ago mixed with 2 mil Kangaroots and 5mil kelp me kelp you. I can’t grow three together without having one that’s special. Little gal sprouted, and never made leaves, just her Cotyledons. Just now showing some growth. Have increased dimmer on the SP3000 gradually the past few days. Was up to 65%. Raised light to 30", increased dimmer to 100% this evening! Moved my transplant over from my closet grow to the tent. Want to see how she responds to the SP3000 at 100%. (11 days old) 20210503_190800|375x500

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Day 9&13. Put dome back on small seedling this morning. Her leaves still aren’t growing right. Pretty similar to the one in my closet grow when she sprouted.

But she is trying. Ph’d some water to 6.1, watered all seedlings 500ml. Raised light back to 36" above bigger plants. Trying to get some node spacing. Took dome off little girl before lights out.

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@CooterJuice I have the 2x2 I had to do the exact same thing with the air intake, actually I did it yesterday lol
Mars makes a nice tent as far as zippers and reflectivity go, but would be nice to have a round port at the bottom for air intake. Also, the cheap 4" ducting is not 100% light blocking. I used a sleeve from an old sweatshirt to cover the first foot or so of the duct coming out of tent.
Your girls look good. Nice setup, happy growing!:v:

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@OldGypsy Thank you!! Yea idk why Mars skimped on the simple things. But overall I am happy with the tent package

Day 10 on the little gals and day 14 on there bigger sister. Mutant seedling trying. Looks exactly like the one from my closet grow. Dam finicky autos I guess. Other 6 are doing OK. The one from my closet grow grew out of it. I assume this one will as well. The big sister in the tent ended up being kind of a trial for me. Started her in a solo cup (FFHF) in my closet grow because I was about to give up on that mutant seedling. The next day after I started to germinate solo cup seedling my little gal started to show positive growth. So after 10 day I transplanted her into FFOF mixed with perlite 2:1 ratio in the 5 gal fabric pot. We’ll see how it goes. So far she dries out faster, which is exactly what I was wanting.

Oldest sisters, currently in my closet grow at 26 days. Pic before lights out ( they all droop about an hr before) and some LSR

Day 12 and 16. Gave all a little drink today. 6.5ph water. Mixed up 1/2 gallon of Real Growers recharge, gave all 7 of my ladies approx 285 milliliters each. Little mutant plant trying to do her thing. Turned light back down to 75% yesterday to try to get some node spacing. Bigger lady in the tent seems to want to stack em tight

Day 13 and 16. Decided to try topping on this girl. (Actually topped her last night) Will probably do the other 2 in this tent grow as well. And a couple pics of my mutant. Idk if she is gonna come out of it or not. Last 2 pics is the mutant I had in my closet grow at day 8 and 14

@dbrn32 @OldGypsy Well after some thinking and failed attempts. Trying to tape things to the outside of tent to block light leaks when trying to use the velcro vents, this is what I came up with. All ya need is a sharpie, pair of Scissors, some foil hvac all weather tape and a piece of 4" flex duct. Working so far!!! Growing autos atm, but planning ahead for when I do some photo’s


Nice @CooterJuice
My cardboard/gorilla tape adapter is holding up well for now. Definitely be doing your version next grow. :v: