It’s gorilla grow time

With recent events our gov told Law enforcement to back off on minor stuff. Can’t fill courts and jails with small time problems right now. Sooooo I am putting a few out. Autos. My question is when planting in the woods should I cage them to keep away predators such as rabbit or deer.


If you don’t protect them, they will get munched on.


I thought so. I have a roll of chicken wire to use

Smart plan…I only know because I have a buddy that does gorilla growing down here and out of 12 plants, only 2 made it. He didn’t protect his.

Yea this is a 1 run thing. Just figured it might be a good time to get some to put back.

Chichen wire if high enough should prevent them from munching. I would definitely give enough space from the plant so the deer can’t reach it. There are plenty of gorilla growers. I will tag one that has in the past and maybe he can give pointers.

@repins12 you mentioned gorilla growing right? How did you protect your crops? Sorry but you ate the first name that cam to mind.


Another trick the old time sansemilla growers did for their guerilla grows was to lug a plastic trash can out, fill THAT with soil and wire around it. Kept a lot of the ground predators away.


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I live in the woods basically… Tons of wild life every where. I grow in pots out side. I’ve found that once my plants start to get pungent the deer leave them alone. I put a cage around them about 2ft high. By the time they get to the top of the cage, they are usually starting to smell a little. I take the cage off and I’m good.