0_o Less than legal Gorilla Grow

So i have spent the last 20 some years thinking about how i would grow (gorilla syle ) if i were to do such a thing.

Now im gonna find out if i knew what i was talking about.

These are the site candidates.

I have already prepped the materials to make 4 separate 4x4x4 boxes made of 1x2 boards wrapped in mosquito screen then hog wire and topped with a clear greenhouse panel but i don’t have to use them if i choose not to.


1 - Copy

On the right side of this stump (There is a house to the left but he is old and this is a long untouched lot on a canal in a swamp)
Decent light for most of the day but in the field with the bramble (im worried about pests and mold and such)

2 - Copy

I can cut the tip of the branches on this palm tree and place a pot at the top with a trained plant and strap a feed line down the back and just pump Nutes up when needed.
Unlikely to be seen even if someone walks right by it but can not be screened over.

Or this one

3 - Copy

These spots are also in the field but not as far off the road.
The last pic has a tree in the way that i could get rid of but i figure it might be good to have a bit of high sun shade??

4 - Copy

5 - Copy

These are all evening sun 4PM ish

What do you guys think?


LOL I think it’s called guerilla…

Other than that you want to grow with your pots in the tree top?
I think I have seen that in parks in Amsterdam…

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Gorilla glue #4 Auto’s 0_o

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Its an old redneck trick i heard from old timers as a kid. (I think its funny but not a solid option.)
What im really interested in is finding a way to grow a plant in a random uncontrolled wooded area with as little upkeep as possible. (And making good presentable bud.)
That and screwing around in the woods lol

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So much brush , makes me think a $hit tone of pests…
You will definitely need to be on point with your preventative maintenance on the bug issue…

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Yeaa its gonna be nutts.
Not to mention im in a swamp.
But this is not something im depending on so much as playing with.

I want to look into a wick drip for the plants coming from a RES with a fill port outside the box so i can top off every few days without opening the box.
I can also rig up a way to use a tiny solar panel and a tiny 8w pump on a digital timer or something.

But the area is gonna be cleaned up for sure.


My dad grafted into a weeping willow tree out on the bush roads where he worked as a log34


My bad

You gonna make a guerilla gorilla grow… Lol

Nice one

Wait do i understand that right… your dad is crafting weed onto a weeping willow???

Thats what he said 0_o

I know that such things are possible but i have not seen it first hand but i would love to.

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I would like to bring to the table the city trash can idea , I saw this in Trailer park boys never tried it , but basically good size enough for 1 plant 1 decent light and fan , durable mobile and dark enough for no light to come out can have it outside or inside if needed … let me know what you guys think

I have recently considered that actually.
(And if it worked for The trailer park boys Then its good enough for me.)

That sounds like a cool project.
I came across a youtube video about that.

The pics are awesome.


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