It’s been a good summer

I just completed my first harvest of my single plant and am happy with the results. Here’s a couple pics, I trimmed them, but not too much, should I trim them some more after they’ve dried, or are the leaves ok to leave in.


I prefer to remove a bit more leaf. Adds to the ‘harsh smoke’ taste. If it has trich’s, itll get u zooted. Alot of people around here save trim in a freezer bag for edibles etc


I’ll trim it some more after it dries and before I put the buds in mason jars.

I take off the big leaves as much as I can before she goes upside down to dry. I’m starting to freeze my trim for edibles and will start throwing in the popcorn buds as well. I think that is what they are called.

No more wasting for me. This hobby growing my medication isn’t cheap.

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I wet trim depending on my drying conditions (for instance right now is low humidity–not good) so I would leave a lot more leaf material on to slow the drying process. Then dry trim it after. Manicured bud will have less of that green nitrogen taste which if there’s salts left behind; they are right there.

The cool thing is; it’s your plant and you can do anything you want. I like keeping big colas while others break the flower down more. It’s all your call. (It’s kinda cool pulling a fat tarantula leg out of your jar haha)


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Yes it is


I am 100% now getting a overly large jar, taking the biggest top cola out of my drying box and
it’s going in it’s own jar ! :rofl::rofl:


I did that as well. I put the main Cola in their own jar. I had to use two because the cola was 19” tall.


@@free-zone50 I like to defoliate a day or 2 before harvest, then I take all my buds to about the point you got there, then I snip off all real sugary trim into a “keep” pile…
Here are top colas pre sugar leaf pile trim

Here are my buds after their sugar leaf trim and bud wash, on the fan dry rack


I love the drying rack. :+1::+1::+1:

Earlier in the summer I pinched off the top to cause it to branch which produced a bushier plant with several smaller colas. Does a plant with a single large cola produce a higher quality bud?

@free-zone50 My theory is the best buds will be the very top. But I’m going by what I know about tobacco plants.

They have 9 primes. 1-3, 4-6, 7-9. Primes 1-3 are mild. By the time you get to Prime 7-9, it’s the strongest leaves on the plant.

So I’m hoping this is the same way with marijuana and if I am wrong, someone will correct me.

You bring up an interesting point, when I put the buds in mason jars I’m going to make a note about where on the plant the cola was at. I won’t combine the buds from different jars so I can see what difference position has on quality and effects.

@free-zone50 I forgot to say this. When they pick Primes 1-3, this helps make the Primes 4-6 and 7-9 stronger.

They then pick Primes 4-6 and this makes Primes 7-9 even stronger.

I’ve only been growing since May 2018 and I do hope my theory is correct. The lower branches on a marijuana plant is like a tobacco plant. Not as much lighting as the top.

Isn’t your table saw a little overkill for trimming? ;=)


Lol, more table, less saw :rofl::grin:

Not sure… i know i harvestd in stages. Colas are normally ‘prime smoke’ and also ready first. Then the 2nd tier buds are usually solid. Bit fluffier but solid. They get a couple weeks to mature properly. Then my lowers (if i have any) are usually seeded with pollen. Not sure if its an effective method but gets the job down for me. They usually ‘cook’ an extra month or so then the colas

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Congratulations on your grow

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Me? Thanks. Im almost at the end of round 3.5 and 4 has begun. Should be my most… interesting to date. Good luck with urs as well

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I must have hit the wrong reply to I was trying to reply to the original poster but oh well

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