Is too much light bad for a seedling?

This is my seedlings second day above soil. It is 1.25" tall right now. I had my HLG 260W QB V2 rspec dimmed all the way down but now I have it turned halfway up. The potentiometer has a detent in the middle. You can feel it as you rotate the knob. The light is 24" above the top of the pot. The stem is nice and straight and strong looking. I also see fine white hairs on the stem when I look with a magnifying glass. I turned up the light because I don’t want the plant to get too tall because it is reaching for more light. I am doing 18/6. Thoughts?

She is fine. Bury her up to her neck when it comes time to transplant her.


Doesn’t even really look all that bad, you’re doing good.

Thanks man.

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