Is this seedling molding?

I have attached a few images of one of my seedlings. I just pulled the domes off of two of my plants and noticed one of them had some white fuzz on the top of one of its fan leaves and I think also on one of the cotyledons as well. This wasn’t there yesterday. The humidity of the tent has stayed around 70% and temp has remained steady between 70-75F. I don’t have any way to tell the humidity inside the dome, could it have have remained too high and caused mold to grow? If so, is there anything I can do about this? I couldn’t for the life of me get the camera to focus entirely on the leaves so I hope there are enough details in these images to be able to tell what’s going on.

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Looks like a bit of cobweb mold. Give her a little spray with peroxide and it will kill the mold immediately.

Be careful to not overwater. You soil looks wet and waterings should be measured in ml at this point.


I’ve been trying to be diligent about how much I’m watering. What you see there is the area contained under the dome, it stays moist for quite a while. The soils around it is pretty dry. I don’t water under the dome at all. Just give each plant about 1-2 shot glasses worth of water every other day or so around the perimeter of the dome.

Should I dilute the peroxide with water at all or just go straight? Also, should I still be using the domes at this stage in the grow (they are just paint can liners flipped up side down so there no ventilation, I could cut holes in them though if needed)?

Dilute the peroxide with water. Never use straight peroxide. 1ml to 50ml with 3% store bought 3%. I use 12% but I grow hydro @domdommdommm . It shouldn’t need a dome at this point. Cut off the molded leave and rock on. She’ll be fine if you take care of her. Good luck


Just spray inside of dome. No need to water that much. What @MidwestGuy said about mold.