Is this ready to FIM or top

Hey all, I would like to FIM the top of this plant, am I too late to do that and if so should I just go ahead and top it instead.
these are Blue Cheese Fem photos bought from ILGM. Sprouts planted in dirt on 4/14 put outside in 7 gal fabric pots last week.


I would Top her back to the 3rd lateral. And try cloning the top. She looks healthy. Great job. :+1:


Cut it all the way back down to the 3rd branches, is there a reason for so low down.
Please don’t take my line of questions as doubting, I’m all new to this growing side of it.
As far as cloning goes, IDK, this group of plants is as I said my first grow so I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

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Are you concerned about the plant’s future height and that is why you are thinking of fimming or topping?

I F’d up the only time I tried fimming so no help with that.
And I don’t grow outside - well once and it was a bust. Having laid my credentials bare, some top or fim outdoor plants but many let them take there natural form. If your plant has good morning to afternoon sun exposure I would let the sun maximize the plant’s potential.

If you want to top or fim just for the experience then give it a try. Try to fim the top growth. If it does not work you can drop down a node and top it.


No not worried about height or size at all.
My only reason for fimming or topping was because that is how I can maximize my yield and quality of bud. At least that is what I have read, I have no previous experience to verify this claim, just going off of what I thought I was supposed to do.
If just leaving them grow naturally I will get a good yield and the potency will be acceptable for the strain then I’m all for that and would prefer to keep things simple, I’m good at simple :wink:


Like I said I do not grow outdoors. It is my understanding a moving sun minimizes the need for a manicured plant. Have you looked at or searched the forum for outdoor growers.
are few that come to mind. I know Gerant topped and maybe even manifolded last year’s crop.
You will need to go back a year since this season is just getting underway. The other two have serious gardens.

Maybe that have some practical guidance to add.

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Topping, LST ext. are techniques used to train the plant to grow in the form or area you want. It allows the grower to manipulate the plant in contain ways. In growth. Not so much with THC potency.

That’s not to say it can’t effect it slightly. If you have a bush of a plant that can’t get much sunlight to the inside parts then those buds won’t truly develop to their full potential. This meaning the THC will probably not be as high as it could.

I like to top out plants only once. At about the ft mark. This allows be to use more of an LST approach. Low Stress Training. This is simply where you lightly pull each branch down, side ways, what ever way it must go to widen the plant.

The wire around the pot allows me to pull down from any angle I need. Gives me tons of options. Just like humans plants don’t deal well with a lot of stress. To me cutting a plant causes a lot of un-needed stress. Once is all I can bare to do to such a beautiful thing. Lol

Sometimes less is best. And you can still grow some beasts. :wink:


Lol whoops. Didn’t mean to upload the farm aprons.


Okay so topping is really only a way to get the plant to grow wider rather than taller in order for it to receive more sunlight to the inner and bottom sections.
I’m growing in a fenced garden with really no worries for height and they get sunlight throughout the day pretty much sunup to sundown so I’m guessing topping it wouldn’t benefit my plants really.
This is my current set up. It’s 8 plants but 4 are auto flowers that won’t be needing too much room. After the autos are gone and the photos get bigger I’ll probably move each one of the photos to the four corners of the garden for un-obstructed sunlight and it’ll probably get a little tight along the back row there anyway. So having said that I guess I do have restrictions and that would be width not height.

BTW, really great set up you have there, well thought out.

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What size of pots will the photos be going into?

@HippieRunner1 - thanks for the feedback and insight.
@Iamme - nice garden. I grow in raised beds too but I am limited to green beans and tomatoes.
One of two beds for onions

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@ HippieRunner1
I was going to leave them in these 7 gal pots but I get the impression that you’re going to say that that might be insufficient.

Yeah we have the same basic set up, ours is 2 boxes 5X10. It’s more than enough for the 3 of us. This year I’ll be trying out some canning and if all goes well I may expand my garden in the future to accommodate that.

I want to thank you both for your help so far, much appreciated.


Bigger roots = bigger fruits. :slight_smile:

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LOL, love it.
I happen to be headed to a big box store today maybe I’ll have a look at a few bigger containers for the four photos.

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I would suggest fabric grow bags. They allow the roots to breath way way better. Better drainage to :wink:

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Check out 247 gardens. I have some of there 5 gallon and transplanter pots and satisfied with them. Best prices I have seen.

Will do, thanks

You could top it or fim it fimming will give u more tops topping will give you two new tops .with fimming you can get up to six or more tops from one fimming on the top

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@beardless @lamme
Thanks for the tag man. I do too and may top a plant more than once. I also supercrop and may do this a couple times too “depends on the mood they are in”. I have had good success with fimming as well. Big bushy plants from fimming. They were cool. Here’s a pic from fimming, topping and supercroping.
Any of these methods can be a bit nerve racking especially supercroping but we’ll worth the effort.
Happy growin,


I do not believe that personally on quality. Yield yes. I fim hard for medical plants but my best fat stinky nasty disgustingly large buds i get straight up. Just me. Last gg in a 3x3 fimmed like crazy. Filled tent wall to wall. Almost 2lbs total. Best buds have been straight up as god intended. Being a photo can do what you like till flower and even then easier recovery from issues than auto. Just my opinion. Top might be better than a fimm first time around.

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