Is this ready? Help

Your plant is showing late-flower foxtails: the bulk of white pistils are growing from them.

If it were my plant I’d be thinking endgame: flush media until harvest and hopefully you have a TDS meter to monitor runoff. Doing a flush before harvest and washing harvest in peroxide/water improves the finished flower tremendously!


I have been only using pHd water for the last week. If it was yours would you harvest now or in a week? So flush and let dry and harvest when soil is dry?

Well i flushed with phd water and gonna give her a few days to drink up the water some and then 48hr of dark.

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The pistils are turning amber/orange. From what I can see in the pics though, your trichomes have hardly started to turn yet.

The trichomes are a better indicator than the pistils, the pistils mostly seem to help let you know when to start keeping a closer eye on your trichomes.

It could just be the quality of the pics. Week 9 still seems pretty early though. I’d not expect them to be ready for another couple of weeks, tbh. They can surprise you and mature sooner than that though, that’s just my conservative estimate.


Yea my camera doesnt zoom clear enough on my phone. Im waiting for someone to send me pics they took on their phone. I see cloudy in their pic. But im not sure. Will post soon as they send to me


Although clearer pictures will definitely help you to know more a precise timeframe to actually give 'em the chop for sure, they still look like they’re a couple weeks away from a full harvest to me.

Being so patient is probably the most frustrating part of the process, but it is key lol.


Your buds look done

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Before they had scoops they knew by the hairs
Your hairs are 90% and 9 weeks is plenty of time

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Thats what a moderator said also. I flushed wednesday night. Should i let it go til drier or give it the 2 days of dark now

I would started it now she will drink it dry in the dark

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Cool thank you

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The buds didn’t look done in any of the pics they posted though.
Or is there a link I missed somewhere to different pics?

Their pistils are browning, yeah, which means they should start to keep a closer eye on trichomes in the coming days/week or so.

Using pistils exclusively to gauge harvest is one of, if not THE, worst way to do it though. Some plants amber early, others late. The trichomes are what tell you exactly when to go.

They mentioned they were in week 9, so just finally starting to get into it’s final phase. In about a week or two, they’ll be in a much better position to harvest.

No other links on here. It will be 10 weeks of flower monday. I dont have the money for a scope yet. Covid killed my income. I just got pics someone else took of trichs with their phone. Will post in a min. This is my first ever grow. So i dont know

Man from the last pic. your not even seeing amber on the sugar leaves! I know they are foxtailing, but if it is that close you should have amber somewhere. You said 70 days, what does breeder say for flower time?


It was from a bag seed so no idea. I was told it was lemon haze. But you know some ppl just make stuff up


I see amber on these leaves. I font want couchlock. I want pain relief and happiness lol so i was going for cloudy

Thank you all for helping. Sorry if i am being noobish. I am trying to learn. Def think it will be easier once i get a usb microscope. Working with what i have.

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I say chop a few off and see, then you will have some experience of the firsthand type! Hey man we are here for a reason, we want you be confident that you can do this on your own in a little while. We all have been in your spot and that is how we learned, so you got questions we will help find the right answer! You are welcome!