Is this nutrient burn? Help needed


Had some ups and downs and am wondering if I got overzealous with feeding. Is this nutrient burn? Should I flush?

I topped about 4 days ago.

I initially thought this was a mag deficiency, which it probably was based on me underfeeding with cal mag (about 1/4 of recommended dosage spread over multiple waterings, so really very little). I have since addressed the mag issue/am addressing.

Appreciate the help!

Could be mag? What are your #s looking like, in/out?


In, I’ve probably got 1.25-1.5 tsp of this to date for the grow, shared between all the plants:

I’m guessing that’s low, but I’m working on slowly introducing more.

I don’t have a PPM reader.

Any other thoughts?

You really need one along with a digital PH meter and calibration/storage solution. Hard to do an indoor grow without quality instruments.


You from Michigan too? Lol good amount of us here.

Welcome to the forum

Thaaaanks. I’m actually from Florida.

Updated photo. Foliar fed cal/mag about a week ago. Not sure if what remained was resolved. Not sure if it’s not nute burn. Expertise needed – too stupid to solve by myself.

I’ll say this again. You want to know what’s going on without just guessing, you need to acquire and use these meters.

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@myfriendis410 does this one look like it’ll work?

Yes, no need to spend a ton of money on a TDS meter. Just make sure you get one that reads in the 500 scale (NACL) as that is pretty much the standard here in the 'States.

Spend your money on a decent PH meter. This one is pretty good:

When you get your meters, tag me using the @ sign and I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how best to use to determine your problem.

thanks! i’ve got a ph meter and a couple testing kits already. just need a turbidity one.

will report back with PPM readings.

Do a runoff PH and TDS: that will tell you best whether you have a nutrient excess. PH the runoff to make sure there are no issues there either.


numbers are back. for runoff for the sad plant (others are doing great, I’d say):

water ph: 7.1

  • ph: 6.2-6.11
  • TDS: 56#-52# (forgot the exact numbers)

I haven’t fed the sad plant for a couple weeks, so these numbers were likely proportionally higher back then.

This number is more important than PH: I can’t do anything with that, sorry. Tag me when you get the data needed.

It was 569 at most and 520 at least. @Myfriendis410

That’s a low number. Based on that I’d say the plants are hungry.