GDP having some problems

At 6 weeks of veg. Using layered happy frog & ocean F. Got a RO buddie for water been using cal mag 5 ml and just added 1/2 strength medi one nutes, 2 days later got orange brown tips on my GDP☹️ HLG lights at 24” thanks


Why did you start feeding, what made you feed? That’s nute burn


My ppm were under 700

A lot of meters have a tiny X10 indicator…

And this may be so but what was the TDS of the nutrients?? Because that is nute burn for sure.

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Thanks, had a bad feeling of aw shit moment medi one bottle 800-1400, with RO should I stop calmag too? gg and bb we’re lighter green so I decided what the hell feed em all! the gdp was my greenest, dam a 4 different strain brain cramp!:confused:

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Not sure what you first said there…

But read each plant and feed each plant what it requires.
Also if it’s never had nutes given go lightly because it’s so readily available and concentrated.

So if it read 700 give it 300 to bump to 1000, then bump it a bit more next time you feed you don’t want to go from 700 to 1800 for example.

While @Myfriendis410 makes a good point I believe ocean forest maxes out at 5000 run off so doubtful you were at 7000

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Ok thanks, how much cal mag would you give?

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Read your feed scedule with your nutes

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200 ppm once a week is fine in soil I’ve found, but I use dry nutes so my weigh out is different

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@Chasfitter I had a similar issue with Apera ph20 meter. Took a little while to figure it out. The Apera ph20 didn’t have x10 on it. So I wasn’t sure what my meter was reading.

Just a heads up on FF Ocean Forest. I went through all of veg and first week of Flower without adding any nutrients with the exception of cal-mag.


Should I flush now or give give ph water when pots dry out? Thanks

You should be giving ph’d water every time.

Why would you flush? sorry I ask these questions so you realize to ask yourself as there needs to be a reason to do something don’t just do it.

You flush if PH is out of wack and you have a salt build up or you over fed or your nearing harvest.

In soil you don’t need to water to 20% run off like coco, they do this to avoid salt buildup, if you do your just watering out nutrients and rushing yourself to having to feed nutrients. So just water enough to catch a sample. Then you will learn you only need to start to do this at week 4-6.

If your feeding nutrients from the start then you want to flush after veg but the whole point of growing in soil is to not feed as much nutrients. well that and it is a more forgiving buffet that needs less frequent waterings

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I just came thru that with my FFOF. lite feed (1st feed 5 weeks) . Burnt them. A 5gal flush solved the issue, than I started neuts at full strength (accounting to FF chart.)

It appears I fed too soon as well.
This did cause a Ph crash BTW. Flush basicly reset the soil and Ph.


Only follow the fox farm feed scedule if your growing in coco…
Otherwise just follow the ppm guide (corrected to 5 scale as it comes in 7 scale)
So you catch a run off sample at week 4 and wait until your ppm drops below that weeks ppm guideline, then you feed to bump it up.

It caused you to flush and really you might have got another 2 weeks out of that soil and then only had to feed a bit not anywhere near full nutes


I’m in happy frog/ocean forest mix with DE, 30% perlite and a layer of DE on top all mixed with Mykos (so my nutrients comes from the soil not from these additives mostly)

At day 35 I took a sample and my run off was 1000 basically, so I fed 400ppm because I want to push my plants to 1400.

If your in mostly ocean forest you would make it to week 6 possibly

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Just did a flush (according to chart in between 7th and 8th week on chart) 4 days ago and fed full neuts yesterday. Want to back off a bit on neuts a bit after next Ph water (Ph water every other feed)


Straight ro water is what I was giving 7.5 with 5 ml calmag to gal. I just jumped the gun on nutes 1/2 strength my run off is 6.1-6.3 thanks all thought fox farms was getting weak by now

If this helps… I was told to forget runoff readings as" they are inherently inaccurate" (as how much runoff you have effects the readings) and do soil tests instead.

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Feed 6-7 PH ideally 6.5 is the sweet spot.
You don’t need to check your run off PH unless your having issue sor slow growth in soil.
That being said reading runoff TDS is important to know how much nutrients is left in the soil.

A soil test will only test that spot of the soil so a test from the top bottom or middle will be different, a run off gives you a great general idea. Of the maximum