Is this nute burn or deficiency or a ph issue

Looks like nutrient burn, then nitrogen deficiency. Do you have an overall shot of the plant? Is it uniformly yellowing, or just a few here and there?

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It’s just gettin yellow here and there started with old fan leaves but is moving higher up on the plants . I’ll load a pic of one today , local grow shop said Calcuim deficiency is probably my issue ?
This is one of the smaller plants almost the whole thing

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It’s more likely to be nitrogen based off of that last picture. Calcium isn’t as common shortage in an outdoor grow.

Just give them a little N then ? Can I give em the nutrient I was giving them during veg 5-5-3?

Yes, that should be fine. Damaged leaves won’t recover, look for new growth.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to get runoff pH, could be out of range contributing to lockout…

I had a plant recently start showing N deficiency and it ended being way out of whack pH wise, corrected that and she recovered