Is this normal? Seems they should be taller

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How old are they? @Lagnaf1

10 days.

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Seems about right. A lil droopy though.
What does your watering habbits look like?

I water them when the cup goes dry. Maby every other day.

When should give them nutes? Im using fox farm.

Are you planning on upsizing there pots? If you’re using FF soil you should be good for 3 to 4 weeks. When you’re watering are you checking your PH and PPMs in and out? If your soil is FF you should get a pretty high reading at first and as they grow it will be less and less as they use up the soil nutes.


I plan to upgrade to a 5 gallon. Do i wait another 3 or 4 weeks after transplant before i give them nutes. Havent checked ph.

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Yes after transplanting you should be good for 4 to 5 weeks when using FF soils.

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So basically no nutes till flowering stage?

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Im using ww auto.

When you check your runoff ppms thats how you’ll know when it’s really time to start feeding. After transplant I would water as usual and around 2 to 3 weeks start checking. Once below 1000 ppms start feeding.

Thanks for the help!

Surprised to see no one mentioned it yet. Peat pots like that, while allegedly biodegradable, actually are really very difficult for roots to break out of. I would suggest getting them into their larger pots and when watering, water generously. If you can get that biodegradable pot wet and consistently remoisten during the next watering, it’ll help them break through.

Alternatively, if you can cut open and peel off the bottom of the pot, that would ensure easy root access.

Get a good meter to check runoff numbers. This is best way to know what the ladies want.

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