Is this normal for flowering plants

A few leaves have what looks like yellowish rust spots but I’m almost certain this is normal anyone can give advice???

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this is tent #3. 4+2+5 with a tsl2000

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There wouldnt happen to be a fan blowing around them leaves that have the spots is there. Could be from them moving and rubbing on other leaves. Ut could also be a problem also. @CMichGrower @Dman1969 @KeystoneCops maybe can help ya out. I suck at picking out deficiencies

Yes there is a fan n it seems like this the plant that gets hit most wi the air, I’ma change fans direction

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If u have the opyion to have an oscillating fan will wotk good as its not a consistant blow on the leaves. Need something to keep air flow moving around without being a burden on the leaves pretty much. A slight bristle is not bad just dont want a consistent mobe to the leaves like it is just blowing that leave at a constant move. I kinda cram my rooms so i have this issue. If u see the issue get worse after mobing fan i would check further into another issue. But looks like maybe just the tips were rubbing near by leafs and just irritated them. Good luck. Ur in the right place to have this fixed for sure


What is the growing medium, and are you using nutrients including cal-mag? Is it on one leaf or several?

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Hf.of. I’m using distilled w. Calmag also the fox farm trio pack I first figured my northern lights is budding so it’s normal n one leaf u can see where it looks like it was resting on bucket so I figured out where one of the rusty looking spots came from but don’t explain ones that aren’t near it… an it’s only not even handful of leaves I’m praying it’s jus the plant taking in it’s nitrogen

Sounds like you have it under control and overall the plants look great!

Just keep an eye on it. Some leaves, especially those at the bottom will start dying off and it’s normal.

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By chance does anyone know if I should flush my plants I jus got sledge hammer flush

If you’ve been feeding Fox Farms nutrients three or more weeks it is good practice to flush. They do tend to contribute to salt build up.

If you look at the Fox Farms feeding schedule you’ll see a note at the top about adding Boomerang to the Sledgehammer. If you don’t have any that’s ok, but you should finish up flush with mild feeding to avoid problems.

Yea I was jus reading into it . But now I didn’t flush at all n I c it says I should flush two weeks before harvest but I’m feel like they may not b done in jus 2mire weeks n 3 more weeks h Kno so I was told but checking trichromes n when they more cloudy then clear I should flush???