Is this nitro deficiency? help!

Hello everyone! This my first time grow and im lost now…
Im not sure is this is nitrogen deficiency because i have been do the runoff.
The girl is day 32 in Veg now. I feeding with 600ppm and 5.8 ph in but the runoff is 1800ppm and 5.2-5.4 ph. If this is nitrogen deficiency then why my runoff ppm is 1800? Also i grow with fox farm ocean forest potting soil. Should i have to push up the ph to maintain the root zone can absorb the nutrient? And also flush down the ppm down to 0 then back to the normal feeding?
Thank you everyone for any suggestion! :grinning:


Hmm probably phosphorous deficiency(possibly magnesium) due to medium being to low feed it 6.5-6.8 water to push it back up( also fox farms Is soil and giving them 5.8 water is for soiless so I’m surprised they look so good for being so low)and the damage won’t heal but it will stop the spread


Welcome to,the community. Do you have any plans on transplanting to bigger pots?


Agree with @GreenSnek for some reason I always deal with phosphorus deficiency. I use liquid bone meal but make sure it’s low in N. I use Down To Earth it has zero N