Is this my imagination?

So in growing 4 seeds i was given and were told were ultra bomb cookie. They arr in a seperate room in a room in my basement in a 3x3 tent. Once i open the door i get hit with a potent weed smell. 5 weeks since first true leaves. About to flower be ause alrsy over 12 inches tall.

But can they alrsu have a potent smell ? Almost pine like. Minty. My 8 x 4 tent with 5 crazy clones smell like nothing.

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Yep. Some plants are just stinkier than others.


Same terpine profile as Girl Scout Cookies. Terpines are responsible for cannabis smells. In this case the terpines are pinene (the pine smell,) and a mix of Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Cineol, and Octanol bring the mint smell.

Tyvm! I can’t wait til she starts to flower than. She’s gonna smell gooooood