Is this mildew?

Had some bud in a jar with paper towel over top…checked it today still very moist. Here is bud under macro.

Don’t see these in the wet bud on plant. Something definitely popped up after trimming and putting in jar. The paper towel may not have been enough to allow moisture to travel out of jar…no clue. Worried my trims unusable for bubble hash at this point.

looks like mold @HighDesertFarmer

Not really good to put wet bud into jars. Many hang the bud up in cool dark areas with lots of circulation.

I don’t have room, so I put them into good heavy brown paper grocery bags and only enough to cover the bottom of the bag. I give the bag a light shake and keep the top closed to keep it dark. I open the bag frequently to ensure good air exchange!

You may also need to wet trim all the leaves off too if it is really humid there?


Yeah dang. I had figured with humidity at 32% it would be fine. Gonna have to find a big bag or box i guess.

Even at 32% in the atmosphere the buds internally are probably 75% or so and if they don’t dry them down to around 60 they will get moldy pretty quickly. Sorry for your loss! :v::+1::palm_tree:


Is this an alternate to hanging as a drying method? I have a humidity problem and wonder if this would be better than hanging.

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The issue in this case is not being able to control the humidity in a larger area.

Ideally a cool dark dry (50% RH) room would be perfect but then we need sir circulation and odor control.

Every grow is different @GreenThunder the grow tent makes a great drying room but many of us can’t use ours because we perpetually grow or we don’t have room for a second tent… Many variables!


I have a bit of time beforeI need to move the next batch into the tent but the humidity is reading over 70% and I’m not sure how to lower it. A bunch of fans?

@GreenThunder If it’s a small room in a residential style house and you have reliable power a dehumidifier is great.
Like this one here Pro Breeze PB-02-US Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet


Concur with @HighDesertFarmer

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Perfect!! Ordering one today :sunglasses:
Thank you!!!

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Wow after looking at specs of that unit it only draws 23 watts… I could run that on my small generator we have for ice. Wonder if 12 hours on would be enough or if itd have to be run 24.7 during dry process.
I could pop this sucker in a grow tent hang buds upside down with dehumidifier on for a couple days then do boveda while.monitoring with hydrometer through view window.

That answered my next question… to put it in the tent or just in the room. But what is bovida? :upside_down_face:
And is it important to keep it dark m

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@GreenThunder Here is a link to boveda. They are dual direction humidity governors.

So basically they do their best to control the humidity to whatever range. The link I sent you is to the 62%.

You can out dehumidifier in grow tent but only worry I would have is that it’s rated for 1100 cu feet and a grow tent is like 100. So i guess depending on how adjustable the dehumidifier unit is…may be bad…if it’s just straight remove humidity it would crisp those buds fast cuz it’s remove all moisture from grow tent quick like. But if any are adjustable to set at a certain level thats be best.

Likely just get a hydrometer stick t in tent and watch the levels get to 55 then cut the power to dehumidifier…kinda babying it.

Easiest may be to dehumididy room then just use intake fans to push that dehumidifier air into the tent thereby lowering its humidity level. This is what I am thinking of doing…just using my very dry air in cabin to push into tent as dry air.

As for important to keep dark…sunlight is usually bad for curing and drying herbs in general. It causes breakdown much faster due to UV exposure and the temp cycling it causes upon its absence (night).

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Harvesting first grow in a second tent we purchased to eventually grow more beans. After both tents are full were planning our drying room in our bathroom shower. Putting a shelf over tub, getting those almost blacked out shower curtain with sm fan & sm dehumidifier. It’s like a closet bath really small so I think it’ll work.

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