Is this leaf tip burn normal for this stage or what did I do wrong

Hey guys,

my plants are budding; leaf tips are starting to burn a bit. They have been lovely until now. What am I doing wrong… any thoughts? Or perhaps this is normal? I assume I have a month at least of budding?

I just added the Cal/Mag to my General Hydroponics line of products one week ago to see if that would help (did last grow) (literature tells me I should), but this time does not seem to be stopping the progression. Started at 1/4 rate then did 1/2 rate and then the third watering (yesterday) was full rate. Seeds started Nov 1; Lights at 12/12 3.5 weeks ago.

Three pics attached and info below.

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: seed; Lemon cream
Method: peat substrate; perlite; General Hydroponics
Vessels: 3 gal pots
PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable): pH water is 7.3; I adjust to 5.8 with pH Down; flush every three weeks
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable; Water is 410 to start; with nutrients is 1500 ish
Indoor or Outdoor; Indoor
Light system; Spyder light banks
Temps; Day, Night: Day: 69-73 (20-23C); Night: 66-69 (19-20C)
Humidity; Day, Night: Have a dehumidifier in; HRV on constant; hovers ~60% day and drops to ~45% at night;
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size; Yes but unsure size
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: AC and heat source; HRV as well.
Co2; Yes, No: No additional; just ambient


Slightly too much nitrogen is causing the tip burn. It’s not enough to worry too much about. PPM should be closer to 1,000.


The tips look like typical nutrient burn. For most that tells you the plant’s intake limit has been reached. So it is probably time to back off a bit. Your water ppm is so high it does not leave a lot of room for nutrients. If I need a lower ppm I mix a normal batch and dilute with extra water till I reach the desired PPM. Depending on how many plants you have, using distilled water to dilute the solution with would help the ppm numbers.
this is a rough ppm chart. 1600 ppm during flower means the environment is really tuned in between temp, humidity, air( oxygen) intake and PPFD

I like this one for both soil and hydro.


This is too high. You have to account for the base water TDS when mixing. Target is around 1,000 ppm. Plant is exhibiting mild N toxicity which is likely part of the tip burning.

This is why a lot of growers use R/O systems to produce water for their plants. Where I used to live in Cali the base TDS was 550 ppm! It was really a necessity to use R/O. @Not2SureYet is still living in the same town and deals with this.


The RO system was $14,000 so I won’t be getting one of those! The plants seem to do ok as long as I tweak the pH… or they have since seedlings anyways. I have already added a filter and amended the water to remove the chlorine and some of the minerals. I will try and dilute I guess and see how that goes.

Ok this looks good. I never thought of diluting. I can definitely try that. I fertilize M, W, F when I water; they are down to 9% soil saturation by then so need it. Maybe I can alternate and just fertilize every other time and dilute also. Thanks.

This is the one I used and is $70: almost 0 TDS.


I also use the ro buddy except it’s the 3 stage, works great. Only $50-60

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Where did you find a RO system that was $14000 how many gallons a day do you need. The one that @Myfriendis410 recommended is perfect for home growing use.
I buy RO systems all the time for around $250 that come with a faucet all the filters the ro membrane and tank and all the water lines I charge $150-$200 to install as long as there’s already a hole for it on the sink or countertop


These look amazing…this is great information to know… thank you! Our water filters through very calcareous soils and I was told that I would need a water softener unit to pre-filter the water prior to it reaching the RO unit. With tanks and storage and units and labour and shipping etc… (northern remote local) that was the price. We use minimum 100 gal per week (I run other trials alongside in the same grow room).

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How hard is your water

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Plants look great u do have a very slight nute burn nothing to really worry about

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Terrible water source. Large percentage of the community will haul spring water to drink. We go through lots of dishwashers haha. I cut back the fert rate by 60% (to 1100 ppm) and will see what happens over the next week. Thx.

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