Is this fertiliser okay for a tea

Hi guys I’m half way into week 2 flowering. I want to feed the ladies a compost tea but not sure if I can use this fertiliser or if it has to be a compost to make tea ,please help.

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I am currently using compost teas I brew with worm castings , molasses , greenhouseseedcompany bio enhancer and occasionally fish emulsion. Here’s the info for the bio enhancer

Also feed them with Cannabiz solutions biophos.
Here the info

Any room for improvement?


Are your plants showing a sign of being hungry? I have never used canna but I’ve heard it’s good stuff. You have to be careful not to overdo it over feeding em is much harder to fix than if they get hungry. I don’t see anything that would hurt em but imo giving them so many different things that if there’s a problem it’s going to be hard to narrow down what is causing it


Never tried tea… @Budbrother @PurpNGold74 I’m pretty sure these are ur tea gurus


I concur with @MeEasy. Thats quite alot of different inputs. If something were to go wrong, ud have no idea where to start. If it were me id rotate amongst them. Probably save the first thing (the one u asked about) for earlier feeds. Think late veg, seeing as how its higher in N…

That bioenhancer looks like great stuff! Actually they all look quite useful. @Budbrother is alot smarter with the ins and outs and reasons why u do stuff. But he’ll be along later. Pick his brain.

If i see ANYTHING your supplements could use? Being sooo organic. I do not see ANY microbe herds being used. That would take ur style to the next level! Quite a few are out there. Ive used Recharge and had a sample pack of Mykos. The Recharge was amazing. N it comes with a carb load to feed said microbes. Now im using Tribus. Its ALOT more expensive (but goes a very long way) but has more variety of critters. From time to time i add a dab of the Recharge, just because of the aforementioned carb load.

Microbes eats the sugars, n in turn help your roots uptake nutrients ALOT better. Ive had N burn with my pH in the low 5’s! :joy:


This is the one I use to refresh the living critters in my soil, it comes in a shaker bottle and a couple shakes is all it takes. But if you have been making poop teas that you described your soil is alive and well, that is unless you have killed them off with chemicals or allowing the soil to completely dry


You legend!!! Thanks bro, would this fungal brew do the trick to bump up the microbe herds or would I need more than that??


I’m not familiar with this brand but just looking at the front of the box yes it looks to be similar to the stuff we’re talking about. But like I said if you’re making teas with the stuff you listed there are a ton of living critters and fungi in your soil. I don’t think you can put to many either.


What he said​:point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5:

Most teas do come with a nice base line of critters. But they are living and keeping em healthy is the key.

Never heard of that brand neither. But it looks along the proper lines


You want michrozae and bacsilius in large amounts there’s tons of species but those are the main genus to look for I did a quick search and saw 299 species of michrozae alone :sunglasses::v:probably alot more we dont know of yet