Is this bad..? disappointed

I’m pretty positive this is male but I want to verify with some experienced growers before I have to chop it up for compost. Oh wait! Can I compost it without risk of pollination down the road when I use the compost for females?

Yes that be a boy,sorry for the disappointment, but it has taught you a great deal about the growth cycle, so it wasnt a total loss ,next time your gonna kill it
I wouldn’t think so, about compost however wait till more experience shows up


Kill it. Male. An I think that @FloridaSon chops them and puts them in his compost/worm bed without a worry about it I think. But I tagged him so hopefully he will chime in on this.

Was hoping for a monster harvest… this is one plant in a 4’x4’


It’s a male for sure, here’s a blow up of the part that give me the certitude of it

Sorry for your lost of time and ressources :hushed:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Sorry for your loss you can always put it in the spare room and get the pollen off of it and come up with your own breed or chop it down and blow it up as @Oldstoner would say


Thanks guys, I’ve been in denial… for a few days I think. At first it just looked like some new growth and then the balls didn’t grow, they just multiplied.

The roots were pretty nice. It was like a 7 gallon sponge, with only the main roots being thick. The rest were fine with hairs, I think this is good.

So yeah, at least I have everything I need now from the beginning of the next grow. All I need now are seeds…and some extra money. I don’t know anyone else that grows so clones are a no go. It’s really just disappointing because I had it planned so that when I was done with the harvest I would also be done taking my pain medicine. I like the natural relief way better than pharmaceuticals.

Thanks for all your help. Hopefully I’ll have some more photos to post soon. :smiley::+1:


1 inch main stem, impressive :grinning:


If it can’t help you on this grow, it may as well help with a future one!

Yeah, I just tossed two into the bed the other day. Just turn them in real good so the young stems can’t root. @Legalinmaine, I hope that helps. I’m glad to see you destroyed him! I don’t breed, so I can’t stand to see a male living. :imp:

Nice stalk. Shame it wasn’t female! I would suggest cloning for sexing before putting so much time in. Or, my personal favorite, get some feminized seeds from ILGM. It’s worth the price.

See you around…


Ya that’s real bad sorry my friend get rid of it


I agree with @FloridaSon feminized seeds are worth the $
And sorry :neutral_face: that it was a male
You did the right thing :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: all males must die lol

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@Niala I was browsing through and saw your comment and closeup pic. I’ve a Cheese Feminized growing and she has formed Colas which I’m hoping should be ready for Harvest in a few weeks In the last 2 weeks I’ve noticed a few of those little Tear shaped growths on some of my bare lower branches. I’ve immediately nipped them off and got rid. Should I be worried at this stage?

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It really depend on how far it is in flowering. If it was the first time you had these, you do not have to worry if you are in late flowering (2 - 3 weeks before harvesting):relaxed:

It’s most probably a hermaphrodite and if it’s at mid flowering, around 4 week or more before harvesting, yes, you should worry. You can keep it if it’s the only one you have and willing to risk auto-pollinasion and doing a big clean-up after your harvest to prevent further growth to be pollinated by residue :hushed:

A picture will greatly help, do you have a grow journal ? @Wasthatmee

~Al :v: :innocent:

I was thinking you could just get a ton of seeds instead of killing it but I think I read that seeds from a herm plant, have a higher chance of producing herm plants. Could you feminize the seeds though?

Don’t feel bad my man … I did the same thing as you accept it tripped me up real good… I cloned 24 of them and had them as big as the ones you had if not bigger and they were all boys when they went into flower… talk about super duper pissed off mad …if you know anything about growing you know how long it took to process 24 monsters for flower … it was a minute , so yeah I get it … very not cool…
Next time take a clone off that little son of and throw it into flower just to make sure , so you’re not wasting your time before you get to the main show … because it’s obvious … that sucks… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Niala & @Legalinmaine for your replies. As I say I’m just approx 2 weeks from Harvest I think. Nothing I can do about it now except ensure I clean out my Tent before putting my next plant in there. I’m lucky in that I have my next seedling growing in a separate room. The Hermie is my first ever try at Growing so it is a disappointment but I’ll get enough out of her to stay Medicated for a while. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m not concerned about finding seeds in my Buds as I’m only growing from Bought Seeds at this stage. I’d be more worried if I was going for Clones or had a few other plants in there. I didn’t keep a Journal but have learned from this Forum and have started one for my new little Lady.
@peachfuzz Thanks pal. I 100% get the pissed off bit. What a Nightmare! I have to say though your Post cheered me up no end. I needed a laugh and you knocked it outta the park. :joy:

Anyhoooo … I had a friend with a lot better eyesight than mine take a look and asked her to nip of any male parts she saw. I squirmed a bit when I pictured taking a dog to the Vets’ to get Neutered …Ouch!! so five minutes later she came up with what you see in the pictures I’ve attached. If anyone’s read this far can I ask… Growing a Feminised Autoflower from seed is there any particular thing I might have done to end up with a Hermie? Is there anything I can do to prevent it happening on my next try?
Thanks again Guys, I’m so happy I found this site and the help a newbie can get is Great.



Don’t cut those anymore. Those aren’t signs of male. Those are the calyx that show you it’s a female.

Each bud is made from those stacking up on each other. They swell nice and thick as they mature. With proper nutrients, they can swell enough with resin that you would think there’s a seed in there!

Don’t panic, you haven’t hurt anything, just please don’t cut anymore off. When you harvest, those are great to use for making other usable forms. Edibles, kief, hash…

At least they seem to have a good coating of trichomes! Sit back and enjoy. You’re in for a treat…


I totally agree @FloridaSon , these are calyx and this picture show pistils

It’s an all female plant @Wasthatmee, pictures was helpful :innocent: :v: , thanks.

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thanks be to the Great and Good God of Cannabis!!!
@FloridaSon and @Niala you two have made my day!
My Dog just got his Knackers back!

This Forum is Brilliant and the contributors Ace. I’m Chuffed.


You’re welcome @Wasthatmee and I am happy to have had contribute, however, we are only ordinary men and fellow grower sharing knowledge , thanks for the kind gesture

~Al :v: :innocent: