Is this an Auto?

Hey all, on my 2nd grow. Need to give a little background on this.

In march I started 6 photo’s and 6 auto’s. The auto’s ended up getting moved outside for most of their life while the 6 photo’s stayed in a tent. I harvested the auto’s and there were no seeds, all was well.

I then harvested the photo’s and I was finding a random seed every so often. They were pretty rare, so I decided to hold on to them for the next grow.

Well im on the next grow, approaching week 7 and I think one of these plants is an auto.

Im in a ac infinity tent with a ac infinity controller and I went back over the last month and my light has 100% been running 18/6 every day. As you can see I have 2 plants, one looks like its vegging still, the other looks like its flowering.

All of this makes me think one of my auto’s herm’d and I managed to bring it in the tent, but I don’t know how the auto’s don’t have any seeds.

So am I going crazy, is one of my plants already flowering?


That’s definitely flowing. Are you 100% sure your lights are on 18/6? That one plant is like 2 weeks into flower.


My money is on hermied plant. Let it grow and see what cha get


1000%, I have all the logs from my ac infinity controller. Its been 18/6 since the seed was dropped on August 7th.


Definitely autos then if you didn’t do a light schedule flip. They look good growmie🤙🏻


Looks as if you got “fraternal twins”, one photo, one auto. Genetics be like that sometimes.

They look great and now you’ll have even more smoke while you wait to see what the photo produces.


There’s fiz!

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:smiley: :smiley: :sloth: :sloth: :sloth:

So if one of my previous auto’s herm’d and got to my photo’s, does it make sense the few beans ive gotten from the photo’s could be auto’s or photo’s?

All my photo’s were feminized as well, not sure if that makes a difference.


@Graysin ? Help please

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Thanks for the tag @Jonesy287

The resulting seeds will be feminized, because 2 females will always only be able to make a female.

The resulting seeds may be more likely to herm.

The resulting seeds will be either auto or photo, depending on the specific phenotype of each seed. With a 50/50 hybrid, you have about a coin-flip chance it’ll be a photo or an auto.


Piggy backing on this. I’ve got about 15 seeds I got from dispensary bag. No idea what they are obviously.

The strain is Oakland OG. I was gonna mail you a few of them gray and see what you can do with them.

I want to grow a few of them but I fear males!!

Could you use a few in your rotation for breeding?


Without a doubt. If the smoke is worthwhile, it’s always worth the effort to breed the good traits back in.

Chances are high if they came from bud from a dispensary, they’re gonna be from female reproduction (high probability of females).


If you email me your new addy I’ll get some over to you! It’s really good smoke!!

My mailing addy is the same as it was :v: I have stuff sent to my work so I don’t have to worry about missing packages.

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