Is this a good purchase?

Is this a good option for a 2 plant closet grow?

Feel like i can get the same quality cheaper i justt dont know my brands.

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Vipar is among the cheapest of the lights with LM301 diodes. You can effectively flower 1 plant with that light.


You say this in a good way? Should i bump up to the 2 panel if i wanted 2 nice yielding plants? Im never going to grow more than two at a time, so i dont want to overkill on my purchase but i dont want to be lacking either

Say 8 - 12oz grow

You’ll need 2 to achieve that kind of yield.

You’ll get more yield from 1 well lit plant than 2 poorly lit plants.


Any better?

Sorry completely new to this im actually pretty overwhelmed at the lights, dont know what a ballast is, or if these lights plug directly into a wall socket lol

Led lights have a driver instead of a ballast. It just regulates the power so the diodes don’t draw too much power and burn out. A led will just keep pulling more and more power till the chips get cooked. the driver stops this from happening. Spiderfamer, Mars Hydro, and AC infinity all make good lights. you ideally want at least 400w and and Samsung LM301 diodes. light is is the most important part of your grow. Buying quality lights will always pay off after the first grow.
that last one seems a little cheap or low quality to me.


Theres another i seen

Whoops just seen u said 400w, cool

what size is your grow space? footprint and hanging height are other things to consider.

Im gonna say 2x4 feet, typical floor to ceiling closet size. Height I would have plenty of, taller than me.

Could i say use something like that Calitek light @260 watt, then make up the remainder with a concoction of lower wattage led bulbs dropped in between the plants and fixed mid height around the outside etc.

I have an ACI 200 watt ION Board I think is what they call it in a 2x4 space and it works great.


Yield per plant on that?

Could u add a link to your specific light please and thanks

This the mars one u mentioned?

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There are a lot of scam lights out there. You can avoid them by insisting on a light built with Samsung LM301 diodes. HLG, Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and AC Infinity are all good options. I would avoid other brands. Expect to pay bit over $1 per watt for quality lighting.


If I had to rank lighting manufacturers mentioned:

  1. HLG, Service and quality
  2. AC Infinity, quality, possibly service, but HLG service is stellar.
  3. Spider Farmer, mediocre, but okay
  4. Mars Hydro, really mediocre, but okay at times. Some claims are dubious. Okay if confirming Samsung LM301 diodes.
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You can avoid scams by doing your research on the manufacturer website. Then you can look on amazon or ebay and spot the scams and misinformation. That AC Infinity light would be a good start. The ionframe Evo 3 would be even better

I still have not ran my light on the highest setting and try to keep it 24" from the canopy for good coverage. It’s a great light for the money. I suspect when I upgrade I will go with the ION Frame or HLG. Everything I have except dehumidifier is ACI and they seem to have good quality across the board. I’ve heard their customer service/ support is good also but I haven’t needed it.

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Thanks for all the input

Think im gonna run with this one what you guys think?

Plan on 40 to 50 watts per square foot, so a 2x4 tent = 8 square foot x 40 = 320w light.