Is there ever a time when LST, scrog, and HST not helpful

Is there ever a time when LST, scrog, and HST are not helpful for autos? I still struggle with LST and scrogging with both my photos and autos. My plants are super short when I do these techniques. I LST my bruce banner and she grew 8 inches in height, one main kola with little branches around the base. She is 8 weeks 3 days old growing in a 7 gal pot.


If it is not done correctly then it is better to just let the plant grow as nature intended. There is nothing wrong with “natural” style. Just keeping her healthy is enough.


Thank you. I want my plants to have some height on them despite having limited grow space. I thought putting them in 5-7 gal fabric pots would help. My autos grew the same height in a 2 gal plastic pot or 3 gal fabric pot as the 5-7 gal fab pot.

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Most of my autos have been 24 inches tall or less. I do LST most of the time but my tallest was 36 inches would probably been close to 4 feet if left to grow naturally. Autos don’t have time to get very tall.

What I’ve read is that HST can stunt an auto for a period of time, until it recovers. Autos being autos, you may lose that growth time and never get it back. I’ve not seen anything negative regarding LST or scrogging, though, being much less stressful to the plant. Note that I have no personal experience with HST and autos, specifically because I’ve seen too many warnings.


I had to go and measure. Just couldn’t help myself. WW autos sprouted on Black Friday. They’ve pretty much peaked vertically between 32”-39” above dirt. LST at the outset to spread them out and some poorly done supercropping when I couldn’t raise the light any further.


I think it comes down to genetics and what that breeder has done ive never had a small auto i know mephisto genetics are great but there autos are usually small where dark wizard genetics is what i use there autos have always been big autos ive never had a plant get stunted by doing lst and i do alot of lst training to my plants the ones i have now are big plants one of them i have fimmed six times and the other ive just done lst

I understand. I’m still learning as I grow. I’m want to find out how Mr. Cannuk gets those mini baseball bat size kolas. Anyone with the answer please share. All my seeds are from ILGM.

I personally let my auto just be themselves. My photo i play with. I like a straight up auto cause get 5 strains in 4x4 of my big tent. Smaller footprint. I also have killed some playing around with their timer. Just me.

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Trial and error over many grows.
Like and old farming joke: What’s the best way to grow corn?
Plant long rows and lots of them.
Given time and practice, you will be harvesting 8 or 9 oz from a single plant.



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Thank you all for your input. I really appreciate the help.

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