Is the seed to harvest the same as "flowering time"?

When I look at the seed that I want to purchase (Blueberry) for example and on the “additional information” it is listed as “flowering time 8-9 weeks.” Is that term the same as the time that it takes from seed starting to harvest or how long it takes to harvest after the plant begins the flower making process?

Flowering time refers to when you switch to 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to start the flowering. The 8-9 weeks would start after this initial switch to the 12/12 cycle and is an approximation of when the flowers will be ripe for the harvesting. In the wild the plants might be able to grow for 6-9 months before winter came along to get them to flower. How long you keep the plants in the vegetative growth cycle is totally dependent on how big you want the end plant to be. On average a plant will grow another 1/3rd its size through flower.

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