Is she ready yet?

Hey ladies and gents…This my second harvest. I’m getting better at this and it’s only my second harvest. So grateful but definitely an exercise in PATIENCE.

2 Q’s: 1) What strain is this exactly? Got it from a source.

  1. Is she ready to harvest? All the pistils below this main area in the pic have browned.


Nice looking cola. The colors of the trichomes are the harvest trigger.
Generally 40% cloudy is considered best. Let them get all cloudy and it’s more of a couch lock.

1 week for flush maybe


It is foxtailing and will never finish.

How long ago did you flip to 12/12? If it’s been more then 10 weeks you can probably cut it down.


Yup, fox-tailing will fool you every time like @CMichGrower said… she will never really finish.

Try to look at the trichome on the buds underneath the new fox tails… will be hard to do. You definitely cannot go by the newer growth over the old growth.


@CMichGrower Its been 8wks going on 9 staring monday, which by my grow calendar is prime to start the flush. Once I cut them down I’m gonna do the wash as per @Caligurl advice.


Looks like something in the kush or cookie family. How long you been flowering it? Let her ride one more week if possible. Looks good.

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My Girl Scout Cookies Extreme plant (indoors, LED light) is in its 9th week of flowering. Your website says it needs 10 weeks, but the plant is struggling to support itself due to all of the colas at the top of each stem. Also, most of the pistels have turned orange and several fan leaves have turned yellow as expected. I’ve seen trichomes in greater abundance on other strains, but I know that it can vary from strain to strain. But this girl looks READY to cut down. I am conflicted. Can you help?

Welcome @louiebooks421 , sometimes posts get overlooked when tacked on another topic. It can be hard finding the “new topic” button when you first join but it seems to magically appear after you spend some time looking.

Can you take pictures of the plant, preferably NOT under red/blue lights? That would give us an idea how close you are.

If you can find new topic button start one with your question and pictures.

Hmm🤔, ok. Well, its gotta, stong, fruity-pine smell to it. If that means anything?! She’s been flowering for 8wks since this past sunday. The foxtailing looks to have almost disappeared as per the advice from the community.

Dear CMichGrower,
Thank you for responding. Given that the plant (girl scout cookies extreme) is nearing the end of it’s 9th week of flowering, and that it can no longer support itself, I decided to cut it down just this morning. I can only hope that it is not too soon. Also, I am an analog person struggling to survive in this digital world. I wouldn’t know how to forward photos of the plant to you.:disappointed_relieved:

@louiebooks421 I’m glad you made the decision, I’m sure it was close enough finished that you’ll get a good smoke out of it.

For future reference, If you are using a phone or tablet that can take a picture there is a little picture icon on the bottom right of the reply screen where you can take or select a photo. If you add a photo to a post, don’t push the “reply” button until the photo(s) finish uploading. There is a progress bar that says uploaded when done.

I hope you find enough useful information on this forum to stick around and contribute.


Thank you for your response, with advice about taking and forwarding photos. Very helpful. I will let you know how things turn out after my girl has had time to dry properly.