Is she ready yet?!

My my indoor auto GSC is looking close, but not sure if she is ready for harvest … noob first time grower probably just getting excited?!!

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Get you a jewlers loupe 30x / 60x off of Amazon friend. Under ten bucks then you can KNOW for yourself. You would be looking for fully cloudy - partially amber depending on the type of high you are looking for. No sense in guessing when it’s so easy to check the trichomes. Check on the buds not the sugar leaves.


Thanks @Eagles009 !
Yep - good advice. I think they are looking glassy/clear still but am itching to get her down and drying. Classic first grow excitement I reckon :stuck_out_tongue: Will get a loupe delivered this week.

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No problem. I’m new too but I always see these guys talking about the pistils that are still white. You have a good bit so you’ve prob got a couple weeks left. But take that with a grain of salt, I really don’t know. The loupe you can take to the bank :wink:


White pistils general rule of thumb means it’s still got growing to do but not necessarily true in all cases such as white widow it will always push white pistils. Checking the bud meat trics will tell ya the true story