Is my marijuana ready for harvest?

A question from a fellow grower:

I don’t have a magnifying glass but can u tell from this pic if it’s ready for harvest? The pistils r brownish color but the trichroms look lik it’s not ready cause I zoomed in as much as I can to c if they r ready! First time! If I was to harvest it now it wouldn’t b much at all after drying! The plant is about two ft tall and just don’t seem lik it’s growing much!

It is very hard to tell with the picture you have. The plant will continue to stretch and grow about another third the size it was when it first started flowering. If absolutely all the “hairs” are kinda, orange, brown or red or in general darker and kinda flat dried out looking, your plant is about done or very close to being done, get a 40x or greater magnification jeweler’s or photography loupe and depending on preference you usually want at least a third of the trichomes (the crystals or resin glands) in general “all over” to be this kinda yellow amber, brown or red (depending on the strain) to the 2/3rd being a milky white consistency. Most people seem to like at least a 50/50 ratio of amber to white trichomes and still others prefer a 2/3rd amber or even 3/4 amber or more. Very generalized you could say – the more white trichomes the more sativa like properties the medicine will have, and the more amber or dark the trichomes you have – the more indica the medicine will feel.