Is my lighting too strong?

Indoor grow, seedlings just popped out of the soil…FF/O/F…in a closet w/ a 240W QB ON THE LOWEST LIGHT SETTING roughly 20 inches away from seedlings …am I gonna burn them up, or am I OK?

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You’re not going to burn them at that setting but they might get a bit leggy stretching for the light. I start my seedlings at roughly 100 watts and 12in away then adjust accordingly as it grows. That’s just my way though :wink:

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Get the Photone app and target a PPFD of 300 for seedlings.


Thank you for your response…sincerely appreciated…I don’t have any CFL or fluorescent setup…just a great QB…I’ll keep the light level low until they get a little bigger


Wow! That works great! Thanks for the heads-up on that App, Brother. I can dial in my lights into 300PPFD like you suggested…thanks again!


When you get to veg and flowering your PPFD targets will be:

Veg: 600 PPFD
Flowering: 800 PPFD