Is it good to store your finished product in the freezer and or frig,

Some say you can put your new buds in the freezer to keep it fresh and others say no !!!
Keep in frig instead
which is right


You can put fully dried & cured buds in the freezer. They must be fully done curing, though, b/c freezing your bud stops the curing process. One of my former weed guys used to put his cured buds in the freezer & they smoked just fine.

The freezer is actually better than fridge. Also, be careful with frozen buds; frozen trichomes easily detach from the buds.

You can also use mason jars & boveda packs for long term storage. I don’t use the packs, myself, b/c I smoke my weed fast. :grinning:


They also can be vacuumed sealed then frozen. I prefer Mason jars and curing them, they get Smoked anyway!


So I talked to an expert and here is what he said:

The freezer is ideal for both cured and fresh cannabis. All commercial facilities freeze their fresh material prior to making live resin and can remain in the freezer for over a year with no ill effects. The secret is to not use FROST FREE freezer. The repeated warming and cooling during the defrost cycle degrades the THC to CBN (sleepy time). Terpenes and flavinoids can actually develop in the freezer too.

Never vacuum seal cannabis directly in a bag unless you want to use it for edibles. It compresses it down to an almost unusable ball. Always vacuum seal in a mason jar or similar.

As stated; be careful with frozen material until it warms up.


Caveat: you do not want to freeze fresh bud if you plan on smoking it.