Is it going to flower?

Hi Guy's,
I have a feminized Afghan Kush auto-flower plant that is 55 days into growing, At this time, I do not see any buds starting. She is growing really good, but no buds.
I started a feminized auto-flowering Pyramid - New York City at the same time, that is doing quite well. All kinds of buds.
Should I let her grow, or start another New York City - Pyramid?
What you guys think?

I am using a 300w LED light. I can turn on either the blue, or red light, or both at the same time.
All opinions are welcome.

Hmm, according to everything I can find on that strain, autoflower should have started at 14 days. I’d at least give it a shot at 12/12 for a couple of weeks to see if I could get it to flower. But that’s me. I’m wondering if it’s really an autoflower plant.

Does not osund like an auto flower. hmmm…

If you have other plants in the room that need the 24 hours of light, you could try removing the one plant to a dark closet for 12 hours every day to get it to flower. It could be a breeding thing and for whatever reason, this particular plant didn’t get the message in its genes that it is supposed to be auto, lol.

I have a few autos that finally went into bloom around day 60 on 18.5/5.5 light schedule so I’m sure they are autos.
I under fed them so it could have been the my mistakes.