Is it bud rot? need your help!

Hi guys,

Do you guys know what could it be? Its only on one bud. Nothing like that on others.



Maybe she’s getting ready for harvest :joy:. I order the same model of magnifier @Soulgrinder… And a USB adapter… Maybe I will be able to connect this on my phone :sunglasses:.
You fix the issue with snapshot button?
PS Look at the branch, maybe she’s broken!

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@M4ur @Soulgrinder What is the model of the magnifier?

This model @JedSanders ! I hope will make good pictures.

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Thanks man! I will buy this one I guess. The picture above from @Soulgrinder looks very nice.

@Soulgrinder What is the magnification on your photo?

Not sure, must be about 200+

Is 60x enough to see the trichomes?

no. I think it must be in a range of 200

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I see amberrr! @Soulgrinder
If you want another feedback @JedSanders just wait 2 weeks to arrive my package :wink:

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@M4ur yeah that’d be great. Pls send a pic for me dude. Maybe one that is 60x and one that is higher between 200 and 500 or so…
Just so I know if 60x would be enough for me

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@Soulgrinder can you maybe make a 60x pic just so we can see the difference…

@JedSanders I just ordered that lol… I hope will arrive on 2 weeks :joy:

So what is it, the black on the calyx tip? I have the same thing but not everywhere.