Bud rot on my gorillaGlue

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Iv noticed on my gorilla glue a few spots of bud rot on two nugs opposite ends
Of the bush :cry::cry:

I’ve removed them, my question is should I harvest that plant so it doesn’t spread further and to the other plants?
The gf recons she can see cloudy trichs but IMO there clear…



Got a photo of your trichs, see what your girlfriends eyes are like, has she had a toke?

Iv got the scopes but nothing to grab a photo of the trichs.

This probably doesn’t help

Depends what high you like if it was mine i would wash it and chop and dry.
Or is that chop it then wash it then dry it.

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You wouldn’t be worried about the bud rot spreading if we wanted it to go a lil longer?

Thats why i said i would cut it then wash it, then dry it will be a good head high and all your house work will get done.Plus the wash will stop the rot then just clip out the rotten bits.

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Hmmm the misses did say she likes the energetic high :thinking::thinking:

She’s not home atm to ask and not responding to my txts atm so I’m busy cleaning out the drying room

Should be fine to leave if you have removed all affected areas


Look mostly cloudy to me still see a little clearer in there but think it’s definitely harvestable IMO!! good luck with whatever you decide!!

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Sounds like you plan to harvest. You will likely case bud rot from this point on. Harvesting is the best course of action so you don’t lose any more. I make sure to wash my buds upon harvesting with 1 cup of peroxide to 5 gallons water. That will both clean the buds and prevent bud rot.

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I am leaning into harvesting that one . It’s the one growing in the middle so prob gets less air flow etc

The gf has had a few samples off it already and it gets her cleaning :+1:t4:

I should wait till she
Gets home before I chop it …

Your got some good eyes there :+1:t4:

Took the photo off my phone

Is this an indoor grow, or outdoor grow?

Bud rot is next to impossible to eradicate. You might slow it down for a week or two, but you run the risk of it spreading. It spreads through spores, so minimal hand contact is important.

You can spray the entire plant with a potassium bicarbonate water solution. It’ll raise the pH on the buds/flowers/leaves to make it unsuitable to host the fungus. Focus around the area you found rot, but spray everywhere.

If indoors increase air flow and reduce humidity.

@James68 was posting about a wand that could eradicate bud rot, but as far as I know it hasn’t bee proven here.

Either way, I wouldn’t push it for more than another week or so. That damn bud rot takes over quick.

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It’s outdoors mate… I’m going to chop it in a few hours… it’s been really humid here ov late

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Yeah, that sucks.

If your humidity is uncontrollable you’re best off taking her now. I lost a good 4-6oz last fall, and 3+oz the year before.

Not a good feeling to lose all that.

My shed is all clean and ready to go

The part that really sucks, is when you think you managed it and harvested, but keep finding your biggest colas have rot down hidden inside. So you have to throw them away.

make sure you have a fan going all the time on the buds as you dry them if the humidity is mental (its best indoors, if poss)

Good Luck…I lost a sh*t load last autumn to the filthy bud rot here in western britain…Grrrr + !

Yup will be drying in the shed with fans and a dehumidifier hopefully that’s enough.

Never had bud rot before