Is anyone from site able to provide some techincal grow assistance?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My challenge is this : I have a 2and 1/2 foot high indoor grow closet. Yoru seeds germinate and grow quickly, my indoor box brings just about any seeed up and out, so to speak. I have bought both White Widow Auto-flowering seeds and GSC Extreme seeds. I have eight plants growing right now… but the plants wants to grow muh taller than say 2 feet vertical, but my space will not allow it. How do I grow or crop or bend or whatever I must do to have plants grow to 2’ then start to flower? The plants growing now show no signs of flowering and their tops just keep getting burned by hitting the LED MARS grow light??? The plants growing now have been growing for the past 4 months. Thanks, Larry

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With your height restrictions, I’d research SCROG or Screen of Green. Its a great way to control your height by training your plant’s canopy to be flat instead of the "Christmas tree " .


Try putting them on a 12-12 light schedule
12 on 12 off
And either Supercropping, or scrog techniques to control stretch

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You go down from the top say 3 RD nodes taking your thumb and index finger and genently squee the stock when you find the soft spot and you’ll know when you do. Keep adding pressure while shaking your hand back and forth until the branch leans over. When it does take some string and tie it up for support and thats it


@SilentHippie Thank you for saying what a scrogs’ purpose is. Got it! Thanks

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