Is 3ft x 20 inch tent big enough

Is a 3 ft x 20 inch big enough for 2 Autos? I do have a 2 x 4 packed away

A 3’x20" is going to be cramped for 1 auto.if you have a 2’x4’ I’d break it out.

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I pulled a lb. Off a white widow auto in that size tent


@HornHead what kind of training do you use? Do you grow autos mostly.

I got the 20 white widow auto deal, so yeah, I’ve grown many autos. People say you shouldn’t top or train auto because itll stall them. I haven’t pulled less than a qp oof them, most over a lb. I top and tie it down so it resembles a candelabra

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@HornHead is that kinda like bowl training method?

I have no idea what that is. I’ll have to Google it


@HornHead I’ll probably pull out the 2x4 tent. Cause I want to do 2 autos. Gold Leaf and Jack Herer. Plan is to germinate in rock wool then place in the bucket below for 3 weeks then transplant to their own buckets.

@HornHead this should work for some light training right?

You would be better off tying to your bucket, that’s not widespread enough

@HornHead roger that. I’ll put some loops around the side of the lid. I don’t want the plants to get to big. I want to grow 2 in the tent I have set up. Which is 20 inches by 3 feet. If I pull 8 zips off 2 plant I would be way more than happy. I have 2 135 watt quantum boards so I should have all the light I need. Will be using General Hydroponics trio Cal Mag and Hydroguard for my nutes. Do you grow hydro? Can you share your recipe?

Itll be easier getting that off one plant than it would be 2

I’ll probably get about 8-10oz off this one plant

@HornHead what size tent is that? I just want to have 2 strains. If the tent gets crowded then I will swap to my 2x4 tent

Same as yours