Inkbird humidifier controller

Got a humidifier control and can’t figure out how to set it. I know how to program but can’t seem to put at right settings. It turned off automatically but didn’t turn my fan back on

The way I did mine was I set the lowest point I wanted for my humidity. Then I set the differential to the max point I wanted. Plugged the fan in work 2 outlet and mine worked great.

Not at home right now but if I can remember right. I set mine like this. 65% set point, then plus and minus 5, alarm low 50%, alarm high 80%, delay 1, cal 0. With that setting I figured it would turn on at 70% after a 1 minute delay. Then once it got down to 60% the fan would shut off after a one minute delay. But obviously that’s not the case. While running fan ran till it 65% I think. So I was thinking once the humidity climbed up to 70% it would turn the fan on after a one minute delay. But I was wrong. I’m trying to dial it in before I drop my seed. It was easy to program but I guess my settings are wrong. And the instructions are like try to solve an algebra equation

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There is a setting on it that controls how many cycles it will go through. Directions are terrible. I had the same issues w it controling the heater. I’m not home to look at the manual but I set the “cycle” setting to 999. I worked perfect after that. Says in manual to set it to 0 for infinite cycles but mine would only go down to 1. So… 1 cycle and it’s shuts off… Let me know if you don’t find that setting and I’ll try to look it up. Which unit do you have? Not sure if they are different- mine does heat and humidity. Hope it helps.

@Verndoc sounds to me like your talking about a temp controller not a humidity controller

@DrNoobThumb I did not have time last night to verify settings. I will tonight and post how I have mine set.

@Bubblehead cool man. Thx!

My inkbird does both. I just don’t use the RH control on it yet.


This is how I had mine set up when I needed ro control the humidity.

Hs 65 humidity set point
Hd 5 humidity differential
Dd 5 dehumidification differential
Ah 100 high alarm
Al 0 low alarm
Pt 0 delay protection
Ca 0 calibration

This would keep my tent between 65-70 with a little over run on each end, that I was not worried about. I did not want the alarm going off so I set the high at 100 and low at 0. The Pt, protection delay, protects the motor from repeated starts. Electric motors like to run the starting is what hurts them. The protection delay is there to slow down repeated starts should the humidity swing rapidly. Unless you have an 8” fan in a 2x2 tent fast humidity swings should not be seen. What size tent and ventilation system do you have?

Now I’m in flowering my fan runs 24/7 and I’m trying to dump humidity to keep bud rot away.

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Pretty much how I have it set. With the exception of the delay which I had set to 1. With it set that way it should shut off at 65% and turn back on at 70% correct? And below 65% the fan is off? Cause I saw mine shut off at 65% and I believe it went over 70% and it didn’t turn back on. Also my tent is a 2x3x62 inch @Bubblehead

How long did it take to go from 64-70? If it was less than a minute then the pt value will stop it from starting. You will have some over run. Meaning when the humidity hits 70 the fan should start but you may not see it start to decrease immediately as it ineeds to get caught up. Does that make sense?

@Bubblehead I would say it made the climb within a few minutes. I had my pt set at 1 so once it hit 70% I should expect a 1 minute delay at start but it just kept climbing hit 80% then my alarm went off. I may have had my humidifier set full blast at that time

If it climbed to 70 in, let’s say 5-minutes, it should start immediately. The Pt is to protect motors from shutting off and then a second later starting back up. Motors, especially big ones, need time to cycle down. I set my Pt to zero and would recommend that to you.

Make sure you are paying attention to the fan, is it starting when told to start. If it is you are all set. There is also a green light that will light on the panel of the controller when a signal is provided to the plug. Make sure the fan is plugged into the work 2 recepticle.

@Bubblehead seems to be working now but needs some adjusting. Right now my fan is kicking on and off to rapidly. Looks like the 1 minute delay starts from the time the fan actually shuts off not when it hits the plus 5 to turn back on. Also seems that the 10$ humidity indicator I got off Amazon seems to be a piece of crap cause it’s not even close to what the ink bird display reads. I have the inkbird dialed in around 60% and the 10$ indicator reads 21%

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Glad you have it figured out. I use the humidity gage below. I find it accurate plus I am able to check humidity with the lights out. The ink bird and this do not match but they are close enough. It’s like the old saying, a person with one clock knows exactly what time it is, a person with two never knows what time it is. :face_with_monocle:

That’s a nice one. Don’t think I’m going to worry about getting another one right now. My inkbird and fan controllers are out side my tent. The fan controller has my temp and the inkbird shows my humidity. But yea my humidity indicator is off by 40% and I have them both side by side @Bubblehead

@Bubblehead you think my tent is big enough for 2 autos? My tent size is 3 feet by 20 inches. I dropped a second seed last night because I’m expecting the first seed I drop to not germinate because part of the shell is missing. But if they both end up germinating I would like to just grow them both. If I have to I’ll just give one of the plants to a friend

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It would depend on what your plans are for the grow. I think it could be done but it would be tight. I have 5 autos in my 3x3 and it is getting very crowded. I won’t do that again. If you planted in 3 gallon bags you would have more room. Do some LST in 5 gallon bags and it may just fit.

They are currently in an Aerogarden but will be transplanted by the end of week 4 into 3.5 gallon DWC buckets. Each in there own bucket. That assuming that the one seed germinates. If not it will be just one. @Bubblehead

Hey I know it’s been awhile since this post, but I’m need some help with this inkbird if you could please!!