Indica in Virginia

Well i thought the heat and wet would have done them in, but it looks like they are hanging in there, 100% pure Indica


It’s a survivor. Looks good. Pure indica you say? Ilgm seed?

Looking good!

Wat strain is that for pure indica

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Looking gd

Yep, ILGM Pure Indica

My indica autos (Northern Lights and Blueberry) vastly out-yielded my sativa (Annesia Haze) this summer in my first outdoor Virginia grow.

Not sure whether that equation changes with photos that go into late autumn. I was increasingly worried about mold in the indicas as harvest approached. I found two small areas of bud rot on the Blueberry in early August and ended up harvesting a few days early.

Looks great, not sure now you were able to keep pwm away with this humidity

Virginia here also and my ILGM Granddaddy Purple - 100% indica is doing well also!
I’ve found a couple of bad spots that I cut out but otherwise no problems.
They’re much more full than the bigger New York Diesel, 60-40 Sativa dominant.
And oddly, the smaller NYD is fuller than the big girl too.
I’m hoping she’s a late Bloom boomer because she’s 8 ft tall!! :smiley:

Looking good @UncleFester !!