Pure Indica one seed

We have had a windy but dry summer here but it is starting to cool off now. I planted one seed late but used pure Indica because of its tolerance to cooler temperatures. Can anyone tell me what stage this plant is ATM?


Welcome! Looks about a week into flower

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Thank you I’m not whether to put it in a greenhouse soon, average temperatures for the next 2 months are 22 to 20 celsius until end of May but lows around 7-10

That the same plant? First looks indica dominant, last looks sativa dominant.

Yes Pure Indica, from ILGM it is a bit larger than I thought maybe 1.5 metres. Very healthy it hasn’t bushed out yet though that photo is just the top. Just used a light potting mix here called Tui Pot Power, some perlite & pumice. Water once a week no nothing else

Mind you I did have another plant much smaller which I grew next to it?

Just odd the the difference between the photos.

Indica heavy


Sativa heavy

The other plant looked sativa dominant, cross pollination maybe?

I brought the Persian mix and thought hell by the time it arrived ( first one was confiscated ) I didn’t think I would plant them. The other was just a random seed from a mate. Have to give ILGM some serious thanks for getting the other delivery through NZ customs. I will take a few more pics but I still need some advice whether to use a small greenhouse the next 6 weeks ? This time of year we have warmish days & low humidity but cold nights. I think I will let nature take its course

My mind doesn’t work with cold nights coming up while it’s spring here. She’s got a while to go so a greenhouse may be your best bet. That is if you can keep it heated at night to at least 60* (16c)

Cheers mate, I can keep it warm I have chilli to. I’m a bit pissed off about timing though, I’ll keep posting for the next 6 weeks. Anyway here are full shots of the lady!

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A week later some pics

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Nice 11 leafer!

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Week three of flower, weather shit at the moment, 22c but going to be raining for the next week and windy. Its not cold but worried about the rain, keeping it outside because the wind dries it out quickly
Any suggestions?