I'm a new planter and need help fast

Okay so the deal is, about a week ago I put four seeds in a butter bowl(probably not the smartest idea) but today while checking them all four have sprouted. They are inside at this moment, not under any light but the sun… I am wanting to move my plants outside as soon as I know they can make it. Can someone please help me know when I should move them and what I should do about the butter bowl. I know I need to transplant then in to individual containers but this is the first time I have ever grown and don’t want to risk shocking them… Any info would help.

put them into soil and let them grow until they have 4 -5 true sets of leaves .
I don’t know where you live but the weather has a say in this also.
I wouldn’t put them out to early and when you do give the water a shot of root shock this will help them in their transition
do you have any lights and you should download Roberts Grow Bible it’s up in the right hand corner this book will help you big time…Its a Must for you!


Transplant them carefully into separate containers now, the earlier the better, before their roots entangle with each other.

Alright thanks i downloaded it and have transplanted them. I live in Texas and no I do not have any lights. Where can I purchase root shock at.

Good for you, you’ll be happy when you start reading it. I’em glade you asked, you can find it @ Home Depo Lowes or Wal-Mart garden center

hope this helps


Buy a product by Botanicare, called Liquid Karma