ILGM Widow 6 weeks. How long left? 2 phenos

Hi guys a quick update on my widdow from my old post. These guys have been flowering for 6 weeks and they are getting nice and frosty. I have two phenos from ILGM on leafier and one all fibres and looks like it will be mean.
I have cloned the resin one. Does anybody else get these two?
Do they look alright.
I am growing in perlite.Manual watering. 400hps.
All 6 from 6 germed and cant be happier with the company.

They look great, still a ways off for harvest. Keep up the great work.
You need to get a 50x or higher magnifying glass and check the trichomes. There is a few threads in forum on this question. Amazon has them cheap. Also if you read the guides and blog they will explain it better than I could. Hope this helps.

Are you kidding me "what could be wrong they look great! " well the only thing wrong is that I’m not there with ya…l…lol


Put them on 10 hours on and 14 hours off and your resin will triple in about 2-3 weeks , they will look like sugar been sprinkle all over them . Intense light decrease THC , and darkness helps produced more resin THC trichomes .

Wow thanx for the input guys. wanted to ask the question about how long as i have had white varietys in the past… White Peak, White russian etc but they finished in about 10 weeks and on here it is stated 8 weeks, what has others gone? I have heard about turning the lights down to 10 for increased resin, has others did this?

Yeah I did 10/14 and it double the crystals in 2 weeks after I change light schedule , longer dark periods help build more trichomes .

Your sugar leaves that buds grow around should be covered ah little more if you used a longer dark period .