Ilgm nutes when to start

hey thank you again for all help and tips you gave I think I will try tribus and tap water but I would still have too add ph down for my tap water? and with the tribus would I have too mix separately? or should I just read directions @Budz

my ph was off it was coming in at 5.5 for distilled so I ph up a bit and got it too 6.5 these are the updated pics of the girls


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For distilled? Distilled water has no ions to hold potential hydrogen (pH)

so stop using distilled water and just do plain tap and even ph balance do I mix the tribus too water and is it going too messed with ph @Budz

If you use distilled don’t attempt to adjust the pH without increasing it’s ppms to 100. You can use distilled water. Just know it has no pH. It will automatically take on the pH of the medium. Your medium contains three buffers and rhizo to help regulate it’s pH. So you have room for error. These things are the reason I don’t even bother with pH in my soil grows, because I understand them. In coco I religiously monitor nutrients pH, but if you learn how to treat soil it’s not necessary. Anything that would make it necessary should not be in the water given to the plants. Should be filtered out. Reminds of an argument of people using tap water with 9ph and having to down it. First of all… don’t even use that water period without being filtered. Lol. So my point is. Less is more. Especially in soil. Honestly when I’m lazy. I’ll give my soil girls straight tap water/straight ro with no checks or I’ll just feed them with my coco feed. Which is 5.7-5.8. my rhizosphere is built up to the point that pH fluctuations aren’t an issue. Since they basically process/digest nutrients in a symbiotic relationship with my roots regardless of pH. As long as it doesn’t kill them.

FFHF and FFOF with a boost/feed to its initial rhizosphere is a super/living soil… In every sense of the phrase. And it’s already cooked. Don’t have to spend months cooking it. It’s already done. This is a common misunderstanding in the community.

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hey thank you again I think I’m gonna do tap water and the tribus as you recommended it seems like it a easy way too do it I don’t want too keep confusing myself. so my question :raising_hand_man: is if my tap is coming out high do I correct the ph first and then mix tribus too water ?? @Budz

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Yes. If it’s between 6-7.3 it’s fine. Especially with tribus. Tribus will not change the pH and I would recommend adding it after any adjustments. Since the adjustments are detrimental before being fully mixed. Tribus will supercharge your rhizosphere. The main job of the rhizosphere is to help process nutrients for root uptake. The rhizosphere doesn’t care about the pH as long as it is livable for the bacteria the plant will intake nutrients regardless of pH. Ofc a really acidic environment would kill the rhizosphere.

I feed my soil anywhere from 4.5-7 with no adjustments. I’ve quit checking honestly. Last two days I was lazy and had plenty of coco nutrients already mixed and used them. Which has killed my comparison of tents. Since that means I changed nutrient lines on test 2 mid flower. From Bergman’s to Jack’s. Meaning i fed them 5.7ph water two days in a row. No worries here. If I where to pH adjust for soil I’d aim for 6.2-6.5.

This is why you don’t have to pH adjust in super/living soils. Beyond the lime already in your soil (dolomite and oyster shells) and the rhizosphere will keep you good if you keep it good.

sweet so if my tap water is at a 7 range would that be good and I’m going to add tribus like recommended ok umm and if water is high should I use ph down on it or no and I should start now when ever they are dry ? @Budz thank you :pray:t5: again

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How high is it? I know someone who used nothing but 7 neutral tap water that was set out for 24 hours before use (declorination), beginning to end. In a 50/50 mix of ffof/ffof. No adjustments, no amendments, not even innoculants (tribus, fish sh!t, recharge , great white, ect…). Innoculants are super powerful though. Will never grow without one again.

when I check if I’m not mistaken it was coming in at about 8 too 9

What ppm? Is it municipal? That high of a pH is indicative of potential issues. Im on really high well water and therefore have to filter it. Otherwise I’ll get nitrogen toxicity in my plants, farm runoff. Comes out of the tap around 450ppm. So I filter it down to 15ppm or less before adding nutrients. My water is not suitable to be used without filtering so then even in my soil grows I have to add some nutrients back that would normally be in good water. And yes after I add nutrients my total ppm is up to 1300 after filtering mid flower. But if I didn’t filter it would be close to 2k some days. My well water fluctuates ppm. So in order to keep a consistent feed level, it must be filtered. Obviously if I used teas and really cared for my soil I shouldn’t even need to do this. I just know before I started tribus my water had to be filtered to avoid N tox from experience. Not a pH issue as much as what’s in the water already issue. Which is what causes your high pH. So it goes hand in hand. But the contents is the deeper issue. Actual issue.

hey it’s municipal water I’m going too send you photos of what it came out too be

This is my tap water. I do occasionally feed just it. Just not often. As I said. It’s N heavy. Without knowing exactly what’s in your water it’s hard to say. I’d just use it and see what happens personally.

I wouldn’t of known about my high nitrogen if it wasn’t for using it intitially.

hey I hear you I just filled up a gallon of tap and I’m going too leave it and I’ll test what it comes out too be and then I’ll mix the tribus with water then I’ll water them when I have and see how it goes @Budz

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I brought the micro bloom tribus should that matter if I start them with that one will it be fine ?? thank you

Yes. That’s exactly what I use 100% of the time. Tribus as a whole is geared twords farms. The “bloom” may or may not be closer to what they would do for cannabis. If they did do it for cannabis. :wink:

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lol :+1:I get what you are saying it says 1 -2 ml per gallon

thank you again for all your help hopefully all is with you keep in contact @Budz

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I’m always around. Sometimes I just take some days away. Others take weekends or whatnot. I take things as i need them, not on a 7 day schedule.including vacation. Partly why my first grow got so messed up, I took a vacation during… Lol. Just know. If I dissapear. I’ll be back. I always come back. Usually within a week.

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I hear you on that I really don’t take vacation like that I’m more like a home person.I don’t like the drama from people I stay too my self some times but you I appreciate everything you help me with @Budz

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