Ilgm nutes when to start

So I use the chart for feeding and understand it yet I am confused on one issue. When do you start giving them nutes is a seedling classified as before it’s true leaves or when it gets it first set of true leaves like I assumed. They all have true leaves two sets actually but the one was still a sprout with those baby leaves before the true ones she seems to be doing fine getting nutes like her older sisters.

What’s your medium? You can always get away with not feeding till to the cotlydons go. But that won’t give you the fastest growth.
In happy frog I give Bergman’s at about 50% first watering. But I only use the seedling fertilizer one time total. Then the veg once a week till flower. Because with my transplants I’m always introducing more nutrients already contained in the soil. During flower I follow the schedule starting around 75% and working up to the full tsp for a couple weeks then drop back down.

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fox farms HF and OF around a like 30 HF/70 OF since happy frog encourages root growth while the ocean floor has the stuff the rooted growing girls crave. I actually already gave them the full amount mix prior to asking mostly just to test out this batch of autos that aren’t the most reliable to begin with. Three of the 10 so far didn’t pop tails at all so I’ve relegated then to a testing batch between my photos.

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You won’t need the seedling fert at all in that much ocean. Monitor ppms to start feed or wait for the plant to tell you. 100% ocean forest is known to burn tips in seedlings. Which means it’s already providing the maximum amount of nutrients the plant should be getting. Why I use 85% happy frog 15% perlite. Ocean too hot for my taste.

I see I did recycle a majority of the soil for this crop from last harvest so I assumed it would be fairly depleted this batch. Would you suggest a maybe like 75 happy frog/25 Coco coir instead then if I was to use the nutes?

The nutrient line is great for any medium or hydro grow. The only factor is how much nutrients are in the medium already. Latewood is more detailed than me. Seems like the third time this week I’ve linked this.


Thanks for sharing this info.

Yup. It definitely would depend on what type of soil. I use Promix which coubd be arguably (soil-less), at least until it is grow in and has eveolved and ocntains root matter, microbes and fungi.

If you are usingn foxFarm soil. you would not need any until into flower, depending on your veg time. The seedling booster can be used in solo cups filled with Promix, Sunshimne mix, seed starting mix (all basically the same). after 2 weeks of popping sprouts.

Happt growing. lw


I am going to reread my own advice and review of Bergman’s Fertilizer.

I got a new nutrient kit and it appears that the instructions may have changed a bit.

Booster is actually being used at end of veg and during early flower, which is the same as a bik MKP injection for vegetables. It is evidently not for late flower. More later

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hi I’m new can you help me out with what I’m doing wrong or if I’m doing anything wrong I’m using fox farm ocean forest soil I’ve brought a spider farmer grow tent I set everything up I have my 3 plants in 3 solo cups they are a week old since they sprouted I have two fans in and exhaust going out I wanted too know if they are going too make it and if I have too turned my light brighter than it is. it is set at 20 percent as instructed please help me out

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Look very dry need drain holes in the cups and watered until the soil doesn’t retain the water, and when it doesn’t soak it up immediately is when it’s time to stop watering and gauge it. What kind of light is that I don’t think you’d want any lights that close unless it’s in a domed seedling tray set-up beyond them being in bloom and using LED. It’s likely those factors on why they are so stunted your water needs to be within 6.0-7.0 pH I prefer around 6.4. Different lights require more watering or less watering due to their heat output factors. Need more information on the resources and lighting to know for certain but my guess are above.

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Your soil will feed for 5-6 weeks. Water only for at least first month in FFOF. Raise your light to about 24-30" and put it at 60-80%. Ffof and ffhf prefer a pH of 6.2. Altho in my ffhf I start boosting the rhizosphere right away and therefore don’t have to bother with pH in it. Tribus and fish sh!t are probably the two best, are not nutrients, can be added any time. @angel2

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hey thank you for getting back too me I have them in fox farm ocean forest soil I’m using distilled water for them I did listen too you and water them in till they could not hold water and was draining the light is a sf 1000 led grow light that came with the spider farmer grow tent they are chocolope ferminized not auto I have the set at 20 percent should I move light more I have At about 18 inches from them

hey thank you I set the light 60 percent I just ordered the tribus fish poop nutrient I have cal mag also coming umm I water them yesterday with just bottled distilled water the only thing is if I’m going use cal mag and tribus fish poop how should I mix when it’s time for it thank you @Budz

Tribus or fish poop? I’ve never used fish. I give 2ml of tribus per week no matter what medium.

ok I just ordered the wrong one would I still be able too use the fish poop one or would the tribus be better and my cal-mag just came when and how much should I give of cal mag so should I buy tribus @Budz

What is tribus also how do you manage to get your pH balance where you want it without adjusting the water itself I’m curious. I hate having to make up like 10 gallons of pH downed water yet with these LEDs I haven’t had to water my girls in like over a week. It doesn’t burn the water off like my MH lamp who’s freaking remote ballast caught on fire.

I don’t bother with pH in soil. That’s one of the things the rhizosphere can do for you. tribus is rhizos. Like myko and azos. As long as you build it up and don’t salt them to death they form a symbiotic relationship with your roots. and it’s not that it always fixes your. It simply makes the plants resistant to pH flux. In my coco girls I use RO water. After my nutrients are added I’m in the 4s with about 2 gallons, 1/3rd gal of tap water added brings me to target of 5.8 .

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hey thanks for the advice Um with the cal-mag am I just following the directions on it or just leave as is and just continue watering thanks

hey thanks for the advice with the tribus should I start now or wait until they are 5-6 weeks old?? and with the cal-mag can I use now and do I just follow directions on back of product? thank you :pray:t5: and also with the fox farm trio pack should I just wait too use those nutrients and should I just follow directions on back of bottle??

You can give them a little calmag if using initial 0ppm water. Otherwise I wouldn’t start it or the trio till week 5-6 or flower. Start the trio at half strength based off their schedule. I give my sprouts tribus, like I said, it’s not a nutrient. It’s bacteria. It won’t burn your plants. The common saying is ocean forest will feed till flower and that’s true with a “normal” veg cycle.

I’d be willing to bet ocean forrst, tribus and tap water could get you from beginning to end. I know those who have.