ILGM mix packs, which one?

Running out of fresh variety from my first seed purchases over the summer. I would like to grow some ILGM genetics. I’m not particularly interested in ten or twenty seeds of the same strain but 3x5 sounds pretty good. I am looking for the skunkiest, funkiest pack available. Downright offensive to the olfactory system a plus. What would you recommend? Thanks!


Heavy hitters mix pack, now that’s just my 2 pennies, that’ll be my next grow,


I bought the same pack starting out, Currently growing two Gorilla Glues plants of
that same pack.


I went with the super mix pack. This is my first grow but buying these strains from dispensaries always have the dankest smells. Started with 2 Gorilla Glue, 1 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and a Bruce Banner. I intended to start simple with just 2 plants but I already cant wait to smoke all three.


Thanks, I decided to go with the hero pack. Based on the diesel / skunky description of the banner and black widow


@Eagles009 @treeking

Look at the ease of growing on each strain. You don’t want to complicate your first grow
by trying to raise an “easy” strain with a “moderate” or “difficult” strain. You’ll want to
give each plant an equal amount of attention and treatment. If one plant requires more
nitrogen or potassium and your easy plant is doing good, there is a chance to over do it
on one plant and give the other one just what it needs.

I made that mistake on my first go. Planted an LSD strain with a Chemdawg strain and a
Green Crack strain. Each plant needed something different at different times and it was
a MONSTER headache.

I’m not trying to tell you what or how to grow, (Hell, I wouldn’t even take my own advice
because I’m such a noob) but It’s just something to keep in mind and watch out for.

Also, some plants grow bushy, and some tall. You’ll also run into light distance issues.
For dense buds, you’ll want a uniform distance from canopy to tops of plants.

Just my 2 cents and tip for the day. I hate to see you make the same mistakes I did.


I just recognized this, it was pop culture mix, yeah your gonna have some fun with that,

Thanks for the input, this was exactly my original plan. I wanted to grow the easiest first for a trial run thats why I started with 2 gg. High thoughts set in and an hour later two more seeds were in water. I wanted to keep it simple, but also get a variety of experience in my first grow. I figured in the worst case I’ll get an oz/plant and that will last me until the next harvest, but should get so much more.