Mix and Match Option?

Love your 10+10 sales. But 20 plants of the same strain leaves me wondering what else I could try. A mix and match option would be great. The seeds arrive in packs of 5. How about letting us buy 4 different strains of 5 seeds each instead?


There are the mix packs of 3 strains, 5 seeds each.


Yes, but not my choice of strains.


I know. I wish we could create our own mix pack and pick the 3 strains. Maybe someday.


@BushDoctor I’m in no way promoting for any other sites but there is a site that does allow you to mix and match . I did it with my calamity jane and gorilla glue#4 seeds that I got from attitude seed bank . Just thought I’d throw that out there !

There are plenty of sites u can buy 1 seed 3 5 what ever and alot more options I honestly aren’t to happy with how broad there selection is not much new breeding programs alot of run if the mill stuff you know

There is enough run of the mill stuff at ILGM to give me something different every year for the rest of my life. I have tried other sites, and have not yet found the high level of customer service I get at ILGM.


@Ncgreenthumber Right now they have a wonderful special going on if you haven’t seen. Two brands if you look closely. Buy 5 seeds and get 11 free. I know that site all to well. :heart_eyes:

@MrPeat already ordered and have 22 free seeds on the way lol.:joy::joy::joy:

@Ncgreenthumber I ordered twice so 44 free before the other free seeds. Great minds think alike and I’m debating on a 3rd order now that I can grow more plants in my tent thanks to the QB’s. I’ve only ordered from them so I have a 100% delivery.

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I’ve ordered 2 times and 100% delivery.

Not me when I got enough I’ll smoke a half oz in 2 or 3 days

And I have definitely smoked more then 75% of the strains they got I like that new exclusive stuff … animal cookies …mendo breath… highschool sweet heart… apple fritter… now those are some strains I’ve smoke and REALLY want to grow …I will never ever ever grow blue dream or train wreck ever I know it can probally be perfected but it’s just basic in my eyes I’ve had it so much as a kid I dont like the name even anymore … I’ve developed more into a strain hunter then a settler …I always get the expensive weed from my ppl so when I get a seed I don’t even think twice about it I grow it like I paid for it I’ve grown one ilgm seed and it’s ok and I grew it for several generations and it never got better then ok that was ww and I’ve had funky white widow before but it seemed like it was lacking probally operator error but my buddy grew same lot of seeds and the weed came out the same his a tiny bit better he had better light st the time

Damn @fano_man…I only smoked 1/8th to 1/4 gram a day. Even my 5 trips to Amsterdam I smoked closer to 1 gram per day. I can make 1 ounce last nearly 2 months.

Once I get a good stash I will probably smoke 1 to 2 grams a day. Tired of this severe, chronic pain I’m in.

To the head! Weather anyones there are not when I got alot which I will soon …its joint after joint after joint after joint… so on then I sit back and am like dam y do I smoke so much the. I roll another… to forget how stupid I can. Be lol cant wait till this first crop pops have u seen my journal @MrPeat

I’m totally revisiting this. I love the mix packs. I wish you could create your own.

Some of the strains I want to try are not available in mix packs and buying 5 Seeds for $80-100 Does not make much sense to me.