ILGM Master Kush grow

After a failed last attempt :frowning:Root rot on both plants and trying to resurrect them I have started a new grow. Same strain as before just new methods.

Growing 1 plant Master Kush
Tent: vivosun 3x3x6
Light: 150w mars hydro light.
Container: 5 gallon bucket with water temps of 12c and an airstone.
Ventilation: in-line fan with carbon filter.
Nutrients. Fox farms complete package on Amazon only didn’t have calmag.

I started this a little bit ago bad with dates when it comes to this but it’s still fairly young have it on week one nutrients now. Some little deficiencies I think because the kit does not include Calmag and I added the last of mine today. Will be updating this once or twice a week and keep you all updated.

First question I have if anybody knows is 12c too cold for my res to be or is colder better I really don’t want rot.


This will be YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!


12C is a bit low. You don’t really want to be lower than 65F or so.

I’d make sure your rez level is well below that net pot. Do you have Hydroton in there as well or is it all rockwool? You run a serious risk of stem rot and damping off of the whole plant if it is.

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To keep your water clean and prevent root rot and nasty microbes later in growth I have been using Hydroguard on my hydroponic system.

Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus Root Inoculant, Quart

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Hey all I’m gonna just throw a date here as a guess so I can track.
Week 2 day 1
Today I put more nutrients as with week 2 schedule
Cut off the top of the Rockwell because it was too tall and just in the way. I do use hydro guard as well as fox farms kangaroots and the microbe brew I use hydro guard all the way through my grows and use the others according to feeding schedule.
In regards to the temps of the water I have been adjusting my cooling methods and just now when I checked it was 14c and it was also chilly outside so it might be just right in normal weather.

@Myfriendis410 it is all rock wool and this is now close the water level is about 3 gals in the 5 gal bucket

Just an update pic here


Here’s a light maps for the 150w TS1000. Is this the model you’re using?

@LateNightGardner yes that is my light I have it hanging pretty low right now but at about 50% strength

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So I checked this morning and idk what this stuff is could anybody help. It was bubbly at first but it’s clumpy and idk what it is.

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Your nutrient solution should be clear. This is a very bad sign.

All I did was add nutrients? What could this be a sign of?

If nutes are mixed incorrectly they will become cloudy (i.e. adding cal mag or silica last), bacterial bloom in nutrient solution can cause this as well. The fix is to empty out rez, do a thorough flush with a peroxide solution then restart the nutrient solution. High rez temps are usually the cause of bacterial bloom.

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I hope it’s the nutrients. My rez temps have been between11-17c so I highly doubt it’s temperature.
I’ve never heard of mixing nutrients incorrectly though. Could you explain that to me. I did add calmag but before I added more nutrients so I have no idea but I really thought it was just mix with water and ph it.

Ok whatever happens I hope this works I’m tired of this :sob:. I’m cleaning out the rez, Changing 5 gallon buckets entirely, sanitizing with bleach and peroxide every step of the way. Soaking rock wool in hydrogen peroxide .3 new gallons of water with Advanced Nutrients 3 part I had extra. Using week 2 nutrients again. Adding hella extra hydro guard and will add calmag when it gets here from the mail. Cross my fingers this works.

Silica is always first. If you aren’t currently using it you should. Trichomes are composed of silica. Cal mag is second to silica and always before base nutes. The grow schedule for whichever nutrient line you are using will usually tell you that somewhere.


Ok 3 gallons of water
Grow 20ml
Bloom 20ml
Micro 20ml
Hydro guard 30ml
Ph 6.09
Ppm 650
Cleaned absolutely everything and will be adding 10ml of hydro guard daily for 3 days. Hopefully this solves the problem.

Cleaned tent all the way and bleached.

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3 hrs later res temp is 15c will continue to check on it daily ph is stabilized at 6.14 and since it’s advanced nutrients it’s pretty good at keeping itself at the right ph.

Week 3 day 1 doing a water change early since silica, calmag,and sensizym came in this week.
Here is what I added in order to distilled water
2ml/l silica
1.5ml/l calmag
Shit ton of hydro guard just squirted it in
2ml/l for all AN micro than grow than bloom
2ml/l sensizym guy at hydro store said it would help combat the root rot problems by feeding the benifical bacteria and destroying the bad ones.
Ppm: 625
Temp:tbd after a few hours
Plant has been doing better since the calmag came in I added it as soon as it came to try and help the plant since she was struggling. Knew I was changing the water this weekend so I wasn’t too worried about it not mixing right at the moment. Seemed to perk up the plant a good amount and even started looking better but most importantly the leaves are stopping from browning so I hope even tho she is stunted at the moment she will bounce back with the new nutrients.

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Well Fuck. 4 days it looked good then started to droop. Checked rez root rot took over the rock wool.
Cut all Rockwool that I could off and left a very minimal amount of roots left. Planted the plug into all hydro ton and now waiting for it to grow some new roots and hopefully live. Nothing is working to fix it so I have said screw the bennies I’m gonna be putting 1ml per 5gal of water every 3 days to keep it sterile. No more hydro guard or enzymes being used as they would also be killed by the bleach. Just nutrients and bleach. If anybody has any info on bleach in rez let me know please. Very minimal info on the internet about it. I’m taking a big chance but have seen some people with stories of it being a lifesaver when nothing else would help.